Puppies are 8 weeks old!

Pups are now 8 weeks and had their Opthamologist genetic eye screens. They are CEA affected but the eye vet did not feel this will impact them overall. I’ll be using the data to track, guide and improve my future Hokkaido breeding plans.


They also just got shots and chips (8 weeks). My repro vet likes brindle boy (Matsu) the best and the girl is equally nice (Aiko). The Black and Tan boy Koji is a bit gangly right now, but Oni seems pretty put together. The boys all have both testicles, hearts are all perfect, bites are spot on, and they were very happy to play “Pass the Puppy” with the staff.


I really like this litter and feel it is a solid improvement for my Hokkaido breeding. I am very glad to have been able to use Ashi and glad that he passed on so many wonderful traits to these pups. They are really neat little guys and this has been a fun puppy experience.


I would like to incorporate a nice show line female and male that are carriers/clear, to use with any Miki/Genji or Umma/Ashi offspring. It’s important to address CEA, but preventing the gene pool from shrinking by excluding too many dogs would not be wise. I have no regrets about producing these babies!

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