Available Puppies


1 brindle female Hokkaido puppy available for sale, named Hana. She is 9 weeks old.

I will also have import puppies arriving soon and am looking for some cooperative homes they can live with while they grow up, to later evaluate for possible inclusion into the Hokkaido preservation effort in North America.


Summer/fall 2018-2019 waitlist is open for Hokkaido.

I have my next 3-4 breedings planned and am screening for a few more spots for 2018, and curating an interest list for 2019. I get dozens of inquiries each week but very few are suitable to join my extended hokkaido family. I also don’t take deposits far in advance. I need dedicated homes who are understanding of the culture Hokkaido come from, who are interested in learning about and discussing the breed, with the appropriate physical means to care for these dogs. That includes:

  • Stable housing, preferably local.
  • Relevent dog experience or desire to go through the paces and visit my dogs multiple times for new dog owner education.
  • Access to yard/parks for potty and exercise.
  • Ability to hire a dog sitter/walker/dog daycare if working away from the home where the puppy would otherwise be confined for greater than 4 hour stretches of time on a ROUTINE basis, ie, if you work 8 hour days 5 days a week, you’ll need to get breaks for your puppy somehow for potty, exercise, and socialization.
  • Must take puppy classes before puppy hits the 12 week mark, and an additional set of higher level general training class that is not specifically for puppies.
  • Pet insurance: must be able to pay for monthly pet insurance, or set up a pet savings account for emergencies.
  • Spay/Neuter: I place all of my dogs on conditional contracts and some puppies will be required to be kept intact until physical maturity to determine suitability for breeding. This is a preservation effort and my breedings are geared towards that, so some homes I give greater preference too if they are willing to co-own and make their dog available to me later on for breeding if it’s determined that pet is of good physical and mental quality to assist in preservation.
  • Engagement: I want to know a potential home values their Hokkaido by demonstrating how well they will take care of it, and not just wanting one to be an ornament or status symbol. Things like hikes, camping, sleeping with the family, road trips, classes together, going to the beach etc are all things a Hokkaido would love to do and those are plans I like to see potential families make for their puppies.

Here is my line up of potential breedings:

  • Summer 2018: Kurasi x Import
  • Summer 2018: Umma x Ashi
  • 2019: Umma x Import?
  • 2019: Miki x frozen sperm from Genji or Teddy depending on Miki’s health checks.

Please submit an application request to masakadoshiba@hotmail.com and introduce yourself. A “refundable at my discretion deposit” will be required once an application has been approved. Puppy price is $3000 total for these breedings due to cost of doing the AI breedings and cost of testing that will be required for the puppies gene swabs and eye exams.


There are no Shiba litters available, however, there is a Hokkaido litter planned from Kurasi and Ashitaka. Waitlist is tentatively filled. Test Mating pedigree: http://www.hokkaido-pedigree.com/testmating.php?dam=63647&sire=63703

Spring 2018: Breeding between Umma and Ashitaka planned. Waitlist is open.

Hokkaido are similar in size and temperament to Shibas and are also a native Japanese treasure breed. Please visit www.hokkaidoken.com or email me for more information at masakadoshiba@hotmail.com. Please provide detailed information about your interest in this breed before contacting me. Deposits are $500 and non-refundable. Hokkaido puppy price is $2500 USD. Shipping to US, Canada and select countries in Europe only.


All puppies and adults are placed. Wait list started for Spring 2017 for Hokkaido puppies. Please email inquiries to masakadoshiba@hotmail.com or info@hokkaidoken.org



Expecting red puppies around January 20th. Maybe 1 available. Email inquiries to masakadoshiba@hotmail.com      I will also be starting a wait list for fall 2014. When you email, please include detailed information about your living situation, what you are looking for, where you live, etc. the more detail the better!



Zuki delivered 4 healthy vigorous red/sesame girls. All are spoken for at this time, and further inquiries may be made to their owner Pam Carlson of Pipers Creek Shibas


Farrah’s first litter was born, and none are available for sale.


Plans are underway for a late spring breeding around June 2013 from AKC Championed and health tested parents. There may be 1 or 2 pet puppies available on a spay neuter contract to approved homes in the area. Please inquire via email, at masakadoshiba@hotmail.com



There are also two adult male Shiba Inu available for placement to screened and approved homes where they can be loved and spoiled. They are show champions who are retiring and are currently living with a reputable AKC breeder.

About these boys: they are gorgeous and well socialized stable adult males. They can play with any other dog without issue and are extremely sweet and social. They are 100% health certified with OFA and completely healthy. Breeder requests a contract prior to placement.

We want the very best homes for them, where they can be spoiled and get their daily walkies and enjoy their own couch and toys. Please email inquiry to masakadoshiba@hotmail.com with detailed information about yourself and your living situation.


We are anticipating a Spring 2013 breeding.


Pups have all found great homes!


There is a litter of puppies born 10/23/11, 1 red male, and 2 females (red and cream) for sale in Puyallup, WA from a reputable show breeder. They are AKC registered, both parents are Champions and OFA health certified. They are current on medical care and have had a lot of attention and socializing.

We also have an older puppy bitch we want to rehome. She is Farrah’s half sister, and Ike’s niece, and a really sweet girl. This is what her mom has to say about her:

“This is Pippa, a 7 month old female shiba pup. She was raised in a show home, but went a bit oversize and cannot be shown. She is for sale from her breeder on a spay contract.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pip went to her first home at 8 weeks (mine). She has been raised as a house pet, running with other shibas. She is house and crate trained, and knows her dog-to-dog manners. She has been through two puppy classes (socialization and beginning obedience). She has been well socialized in all kinds of public places, and will go anywhere happily. Being raised for show, she is good at having her nails trimmed and somewhat used to baths (though they are not her favorite). She’s also very comfortable meeting strangers.

Pip’s personality is all GO. She is fearless, friendly, and active. She LOVES her cookies, and has all kinds of working drive. She has been familiarized with skateboards, tippy boards and tunnels, and she loves it all. She cries with excitement and pulls to go INTO training class. She is very good at focusing during training. She loves to play fetch and tug. When she is tired, she is quite cuddly. (This runs in her line.) She gives great kisses, too.

Pip still needs work on jumping up (she REALLY wants to see people), play nipping, and chewing. If she is bored she will go grab a verboten item and bring it to you so you can watch her chew it. That’s your hint to spend some time with her! I have been successfully managing her with redirection to toys and by tiring her out with (a lot!) of fetch and tug. She walks fine on a leash, but she still pulls when she is excited. Pip learns very well with positive training techniques. If there’s a cookie involved, she’s a VERY quick study.

Pip does guard her food and treats from other dogs if left with them. She can take treats in a line of other dogs just fine, and will take polite turns licking a spoon with other dogs, etc. She does not guard anything from humans. In short, she likes to be dominant with other dogs, but will defer to humans without difficulty.

Physically, Pip has had 4 sets of DHPP vaccinations and her 6 month rabies shot. She is a sturdy, athletic shiba, with good bone and rear angulation. She runs very fast. She is a daughter of CH.Tenkai go Ryuukyuu Uruma, who was BISS at the 2010 Shiba Inu National Specialty show.

I really regret having to part with Pippa, but I don’t have room for another pet. She is going back to her breeder/co owner for sale to a pet home; I would just like to steer potential homes toward her breeder that might be able to continue her Shiba sports training – she so loves training and activities!”

Please email masakadoshiba@hotmail.com with inquiries, and include some information about yourself and living situation.

22 thoughts on “Available Puppies

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  2. Wow, the puppies are absolutely adorable and Pip is stunning! I love that she is so cookie motivated and she sounds like a great candidate for doing agility with. I know she’ll find a great home, best of luck! =)

  3. Adorable Shibas! Pip looks just like my shiba girl. As you know I’m hoping to adopt a boy Shiba who will get along with my alpha girl shiba. I do not feel ready for a puppy, but an adolescent would be fine. Please keep us in mind if the right shiba comes along!

    • Sounds like a mellow boy would be a good idea. Feel free to send in an application. Also check with Shibas 4 Life rescue as they have some nice Shibas for adoption who are out of the puppy stage.

  4. Would love a dog like Pip! 🙂 I prefer full grown vs puppy, and female vs male. My adopted mut passed away a few months ago. I miss her but I’m ready to open up to another love to pamper. I have always wanted a shiba inu because they are beautiful, and from the one I know, very playful and loyal. That’s exactly what I am looking for. I haven’t been serious about adopting one until now, only because I was afraid that my old dog would feel replaced or unloved. I only want one dog at a time. My friend has one named foxy lady, she’s a hoot and a half. I love dog sitting. If Pip is still looking for a loving home, please email me! 🙂

  5. do you have any shiba’s available? I currently lost my shiba she had a prolapse, I would like a female but a male will be fine?

    • I am sorry that you lost your Shiba. These babies have all gone to new homes. If you send me an application, I will review it and see if there is a fit for you down the road, but it is likely to be >1 year or more before I have anything more.

  6. okay its no problem I’ll do the application and a year would give me more time, I absolutely adore everything about shiba inus They are the perfect little dog.

  7. Hi do you still have Pippa? Also do you have more pictures of her? I would like to know more about her. Thank you, Justin.

  8. Leslie, I know you by reputation and we know people in common. I moved from Southern California a little over two years ago. Someone told me you have facilities to keep shibas for a short stay. Is this accurate? I have four shibas (two from Lori Durfor) and two of my own breeding. I am looking for either a good sitter in home or a good place they can stay for two days. We normally travel with them, but I just thought I would ask. I am on Bainbridge Island. Ages: 7 and almost 3 (January 31, 2014). Three girls and one male.

    • Hi Judy,

      I think you have me confused, my name is Lindsay, and I manage this blog, but I do have dogs from Leslie. I suggest you look at the Seattle Shiba Enthusiast Meetup website and ask around for recommendations there, or email Leslie directly.

  9. Hi
    I’m looking for an adult shiva inu to breaad
    I have see some very big males and my female is kind of midiam size she weitgh about 22 lb. and she is just beautifull.
    if some body got the male we can probably put them tothether
    We live at Corpus Christi Texas joe_meneses@hotmail.com
    joe 361-8132189

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