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Ike, AKC Grand Champion San Jo Idol Eyes RN,RATI,RATN,CGC:

I bought Ike from his breeder Leslie Ann Engen (San Jo Kennels) in 2009. He has earned his CGC and Rally Novice title, and completed his AKC Championship with some impressive BOB wins over top ranked Specials, going on to earn a nice Group 3 win while handled by his auntie Tia McLaughlin (Kumi Lhasa and Shibas). Ike was my first show dog and I learned the ropes with him.

Ike is OFA Excellent for hips, LP Clear, and thyroid tested Normal. I love his type and gentle nature. He is truly a joy to live with, and always a patient and kind Uncle to puppies and new dogs.

Ike is not at public stud.

1/14-16/12 Update: Ike is now San Jo Idol Eyes, RN, CGC. He earned his Rally Novice B title at the Western Washington Dog Show cluster. Way to go Ike!

5/6/12 Update: Great day at the Olympia Dog Fanciers Association dog show in Elma, Washington.

BOB to Ike (San Jo Idol Eyes, RN) over multiple specials for a Major win! He went on to earn a GROUP 3 over some very competitive specials and handlers! He was expertly handled by his auntie Tia McLaughlin and looked amazing. Thanks to Tia and Cheryl Mamiya for helping him shine like the fabulous dog he is. Many thanks to his breeder Leslie Ann Engen for sending me this wonderful boy. He is truely loved and cherished. I can’t wait for the official photos to arrive!

6/9-10/12 Update: Western Washington Cluster in Puyallup, WA

Ike earned his AKC Championship today in style, even though he was completely out of coat. He earned a nice BOB,BOW,WD over 10 entries for his third major. All of his points were earned in the Pacific Northwest. He went on to earn his first Grand Championship points the next day with a Select Dog his first time out as a Special. What a good boy!

8/25/13 Update: Ike had his first Barn Hunt trial and did very well. He thinks this is a fun game!

Ike Barn Hunt

Ike rati certificate03/16/14 Update: Ike kicked butt at his last Barn Hunt trial. He earned his RATN with two 1st placements and even a High in Trial, beating Farrah. What a good boy! I am having a lot of fun doing more work with him as he matures, and he is such a pleasant, easy dog to live with. Maybe we will try Agility again…Ike is also a father now with two strapping young red sons he produced when bred to Farrah. Photos coming soon!

06/07/15 Update: Ike finished his Grand Championship after limited showing, with a nice BOB win at the Puyallup Cluster. His puppy Marko was WD for 1 point. Ike has some nice up and comings on the way, and 1 puppy champion to date.

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