“Local Breeder Resources”

I recommend the following local breeders in Washington:

Cheryl Mamiya, Mamiya Shiba Inu, cmamiya@comcast.net

Donna Gonzalez, Sunrise Shibas

Leslie Engen, San Jo Shiba Inu, laengen@aol.com

Pam Carlson, Piper’s Creek Shibas, shibas3@comcast.net

Susan Norris-Jones, Sunojo Shibas, BC, Canada

3 thoughts on ““Local Breeder Resources”

  1. If you mean that you ONLY recommend Washington breeders… that’s cool. However, you might want to add the word ONLY to your site @ “Local Breeder Resources” There are, of course, breeders in a few other states.

    • I’m very aware of Shiba breeders in other states, thanks. There are very few breeders I would recommend these days, and even fewer whom I would ever place a dog with, let alone touch my dogs. Too bad others aren’t as discriminating. One can only hope that people take as good of care of dogs sold to them as they claim. If people chose not to proceed with caution, well, they have none to blame but themselves…

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