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Farrah, CH San Jo Lillith Fair RN,FDCH,CA,OA,OAJ,NF,RATI,RATN,CGC:

Farrah is the beautiful rising star of my breeding program, born at San Jo Kennels. Her sire is Ten, BISS Ch Tenkai go Ryukuu Uruma, who was the BISS winner of the Shiba Nationals held in Kelso in 2010 (owned by Leslie Engen).

Farrah has completed her AKC Championship, earning several Best of Breeds and a Group 3 and a Group 2 which is outstanding for a bitch. She was finished by Tia McLaughlin (pictured above). She is OFA prelims good, LP free, Thyroid normal, and CERF normal.

Farrah has an incredibly outgoing disposition and loves meeting all people. She exhibits a great deal of ball, play and prey drive and is another great little worker. She has multiple performance titles in Flyball, Agility, Rally, Lure Coursing and her CGC, and was the 1st Shiba Inu to title in Lure Coursing. She is a member of the  Seattle Flydogs and does the majority of her training at It’s a Dogs World. She has been welcomed in to the Pet Partner Program for a Hospice unit, and has so far enjoyed visiting with the Veterans and giving them kisses.

I look forward to many wonderful years with her and anticipate great things from her.

9/10/11 Update: Farrah has passed her herding instinct test with spades, showing good drive and steady nerves. She has no fear working 200lb sheep. She loves the lessons and looks forward to more mutton bustin with her nephew Koji.

1/1/12 Update: Farrah is OFA Good for her prelims for hips, LP Clear, and thyroid tested normal.


1/14-16/12 Update: Farrah is now San Jo Lillith Fair, RN. She earned her Rally Novice B title at the Western Washington Dog Show cluster. Way to go Farrah!

3/25/12 Update: Farrah is now San Jo Lillith Fair, RN,FD,FDX. Farrah earned her first two NAFA titles in her first Flyball tournament with the Seattle Flydogs, and is now ranked after Beebe. Way to go Farrah! I couldn’t be prouder of my little worker.

Read more about her tournament debut here

4/22/12 Update: Farrah is now San Jo Lillith Fair RN,FDX,CA. She has become the first Shiba Inu to earn a Lure Coursing title. Yeah Farrah!

Agility updates pending.

5/19/12 Update: Farrah had a great weekend and was awarded with Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for a point towards her Championship, at the Mt. Baker Kennel Club Dog Show 5/19/2012 under Judge Janet Sinclair. Farrah was beautifully presented and handled by her Auntie Tia.

6/30/12-7/01/12 Update: Farrah had an outstanding weekend at the Bell Vernon Kennel Association Dog Show, with not one, but two Best of Breed wins from the classes over the #1 Shiba in the breed, giving her back to back Major wins. On Sunday she went on to earn a Group 3!!! She was lovingly shown and cared for by her Shiba auntie, Tia Mclaughlin of Kumi Lhasas. Farrah has now earned 12 points, 11 of which are Major wins.

7/07-08/12 NEW CHAMPION!

Farrah completed her AKC Championship in whirlwind fashion at the Timberland Valley Dog Fanciers Association with a BOW on Saturday, and a BOW and BOB over specials. She went on to be awarded an amazing Group 2! Thanks to her breeder Leslie Ann Engen, and her auntie Tia for handling her so beautifully.

7/15/12 Canine Good Citizen

Farrah passed her CGC test at a Flyball Demo in Marysville.

7/28-29/12 First Agility Trial

Farrah entered her first Agility trial, hosted by the NW Bearded Collie Club via AKC.  She did a great job earning 1 Q in JWW and both Q’s in Standard. What a good girl!

8/4-5/12 Second Agility Trial and New Title

Farrah earned her 3rd Q in Novice Standard and earned her Novice Agility title!






CH San Jo Lillith Fair RN,FDX,CA,NA,NAJ,CGC

12/18/2013 Update: Farrah is taking a break from sports to tend to maternity duties again. She had some good Flyball tournaments before taking her leave, and advanced in the rankings to #8 position, so close to her Flyball Championship (FDCH). http://nafadb.flyball.org/database/report_top_hundred_breed.php?breed=Shiba%20Inu

 NAFA Top 100 Shiba Inus
Currently last consecutively scored tournament is: 2013-12-01*
Dog Owner Club Points
1 Simba of Oaktreeacres Yuka Amano Bad to the Bone 23,553
2 Hansha’s Sweet Reward Linda White DASH (Disbanded) 10,406
3 Maru Nicole Fisher Granite State Racers disbanded 8,212
4 Southampton Quiet Riot Linda White DASH (Disbanded) 3,974
5 Aoki Linda White P.A.C.People and Canines 695
6 Mattie Amanda Williams Unassigned Members 599
7 Sheba Maera Merrill Robert/Elizabeth Merrill Smackdabs 548
8 San Jo Lillith Fair Lindsay Tompkins Seattle FlyDogs 350
9 Beebe go Masakado Lindsay Tompkins Seattle FlyDogs 330
10 Shogun Megan and Jason Everett Heads or Tails 282
11 Cody Jamie Widerman Scallywags 265
12 Foxy Kathy Stevenson Online K-9 106
13 Kitsune Kathy Pirk Rapids Intens-A-Flyrs 32
3/16/2014 Update: Farrah went to her very first Barn Hunt trial and is now CH San Jo Lillith Fair RN,FDX,CA,NA,NAJ,RATI,RATN,CGC
She earned her RATI and RATN in one weekend, with a 1st and 2nd placement, after Ike (which shocked me!) She is also a beautiful mother again to puppies sired by Ike. Photos coming soon.

2/7/2015 Update:

Farrah has made a come back after being out of sports for mommy duty. She earned several titles in just a few weekends, by achieving her Flyball Championship, Open Standard, Open Jumpers and Novice Fast Agility titles. She is now in the top 5 breed ranking for Shibas in Flyball.

Way to go Farrah! Ch San Jo Lillith Fair RN,FDCH,CA,OA,OAJ,NF,RATN,CGC

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