Puppy Update, Young Female Hokkaido for Placement


Kurasi aka Fruit Bat

I’ve decided that I will be placing Kurasi in a permanent retirement home when she is done with mommy duty. She has bounced around a bit due to various extenuating circumstances in her prior homes after leaving me (she was born here) and in her best interest, she will be spayed and retired from breeding.

She’s been a great easy mom and is shockingly good in the house and when crated, so of course it would be great to see her in a cooperative breeding home where she could still contribute to the breed, but there just aren’t many viable breeding options for her.

She has some personality quirks but they are not unmanageable and she is ridiculously sweet and devoted. Excellent off leash and on, and likes to sing to her people (like Hokkaido do…) Anyways, email inquiries to masakadoshiba@hotmail.com

Speaking of puppies, only 2 more weeks before her very nice litter goes to their forever homes. They are all doing well and have their first Vet visit and eye checks scheduled. They are mostly weaned and potty training is going way better than anticipated. Lots of visitors through the week and Shiba aunties/uncles to teach them good dog manners. Some pictures from today!

Tell me what you think!

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