Stud Service

Question: Hello, I was wondering if you provide Shiba stud services?

Response: As a reputable breeder, I am careful about my puppies and where they end up. That includes puppies produced from my males with outside females. I would not allow any of my dogs to breed to outside females unless, at a minimum, I know the person and know they are a responsible owner (an actual introduction goes a long way there, not just a sentence asking for stud service).

I need to know the female, her lines, and that the female is health tested, the female is AKC registered, the female has been shown in AKC dog shows, the female is physically and temperamentally sound, and know the female is a good quality match to my male.

I am not looking to help unscrupulous owners with pet store or back yard breeder dogs who have no interest in breed preservation, and have bad motives for wanting to breed their females (i.e. witnessing the miracle of birth, wanting to breed the girl just once because they like her, wanting puppies to sell, their kids want the experience, their family/friends/coworkers have been pestering them for a puppy, they want to make more doges because they are trendy, etc).

I know that sounds harsh, or elitist, and I don’t really care. I would be an irresponsible stud dog owner if I didn’t care about things like this, and I would not likely be doing the breed any favors. I am however, always available to help people with genuine interest in preserving the Japanese breeds, learn more about breeding and what it takes to become a good breed steward. The