“Shiba Inu and Rally”

Rally is a fun and rewarding activity for both dog and handler. I think this is a perfect hobby for a Shiba as the emphasis is less on strict obedience, which many Shibas would find boring, and more on teamwork. I find that it is very easy to succeed once your dog has the basic obedience commands and good focus. You only need 70 points to Qualify, and 3 Q’s earns you a Rally Novice title. This run was given 96 points, and 2nd place, at Beebe’s very first Rally trial at the Vancouver Kennel Club show in 2011. Her second run the following day was given 1st place with a score of 99 out of 100. You can see where the judge takes a point off for sitting crooked, and looking at a drip of water from the ceiling. The classes that help you prepare for a Rally trial were 6 weeks long for Novice courses, and another 6 weeks about for the Advanced and Excellent courses, which incorporate some off leash and obstacles like jumps. Thanks to Sandra for taking this video and photos.

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One thought on ““Shiba Inu and Rally”

  1. Congrats to Lindsay and Beebe on qualifying two legs of a Rally Novice title over the weekend. People there were surprised to see a Shiba in the ring that not only qualifies (you need at least 70 points to qualify for one leg and three legs under at least 2 different judges to get the Rally Novice title)), but getting a placement on both days. Beebe got 96 points and 2nd placement the first day and 99 points and 1st placement the second day.

    So what is Rally, you may ask? A Rally course includes 10-20 stations, depending on the level. It is not as rigorous as traditional competition obedience and focuses more on communication between the handler and the dog and having fun together as a team.

    To learn more about Rally, check out the AKC site http://www.akc.org/events/rally/getting_started.cfm

    If you already take your Shibas to basic obedience and maybe even advanced obedience, you should seriously consider taking them to do Rally too.

    Dogs love to learn and spend time doing fun activities with you. Of course, they enjoy hiking and going to dog parks or anywhere you take them, but your dog will appreciate the opportunity to learn something new and fun with you.

    I took Maluko to Rally classes a few months ago and will attempt our first Rally trial in a few week. It is not so much about getting the title itself, but the fact that Maluko loves her Rally classes and I enjoy being in class with her.

    If you want to do more with your dog, you can. Don’t just assume that because you get a Shiba that you can’t do XXX (replace it with whatever activity or sport you want).

    For many of the classes and activities I do with my two Shibas, I always have people approaching us with doubts whether a Shiba can be trained or if they gonna be a handful. We always prove them wrong. Many trainers/instructors we work with commented on how well-behaved and how smart my Shibas are and how they change their perception of a Shiba as a workable breed.

    Shibas are compact and sturdy dogs and are structurally built well for many sports. Don’t let that go wasted!

    Granted, we are fairly new in any doggie performance sports/events, but we sure enjoy our time together.and hope more Shibas can enjoy the same fun we have!

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