Announcement: Shiba Litter Plans Jan. 2019

My exciting announcement is that I have Shiba puppies due! Also, my last hokkaido puppy Hana, has a new home and is doing very well and has a Shiba (and human boys) of her very own.


From Hana’s family:

“Just wanted to let you know that Hanako made it home and is happy as can be. She seemed to walk in as if she knew the place :-). She is eating well, eliminating well, slept through the night perfectly in her kennel and has been super cute and sweet getting to know (our Shiba). Thank you so very much for Hanako. We couldn’t be happier. Happy Thanksgiving!!”

It will have been nearly 4 years since I had plans for my last Shiba breeding. After a bungled up emergency C-section in the wee hours of the morning, that would have been completely preventable, I was heartbroken, grief stricken, self loathing from guilt, and ready to never breed another Shiba litter.

I lost 2/3rds of what promised to have been a beautiful litter, and nearly lost Farrah. I went to the ER planning to leave with 4 little souls, and left with none. The image I had to console me as I left in tears, was Farrah barely alive in intensive care, her two lifeless perfect puppies on a cold exam table, and her one surviving puppy precariously holding on in an incubator.

I left with more questions than answers, always wondering how hard they tried to revive them and why did she have to suffer so long before finally going in for a section (strictures that nobody knew exisited, blocking her birth canal).

To rub salt in a fresh wound, the hospital disposed of my puppies against my wishes (I wanted them privately cremated and returned so I could bury them here where they could always be with their family). Instead they went to a landfill like garbage.

My Shiba babies are so precious to me, they are survivors and they exist because of inumerable people making a conscious effort to preserve them. I felt like I was directly responsible for causing these puppies deaths. Going forward with breeding seemed impossible. I couldn’t stand to see any of them hurting, or worse, dying in surgery. I lost my nerve, and to this day I still cry over what happened.

I know they are not people, and I’ve had friends who lost infants during delivery and I can’t imagine that pain (nor would I want to).  But still, it stings to think about it now even though it was just two puppies.

So I decided to become more involved in Hokkaido as they are in great need of preservation efforts, and I benefited from having that experience to help me become a better breeder. Although they have their own challenges as a breed, I was glad to feel useful again in some aspect of Japanese breed preservation.


Handsome Riku

I also found some healing when I saw Farrah’s last puppy Riku going out into the world and doing so well with his loving family. He is simply a stunning boy and I’m so happy he is thriving and contributing to the breed. That gave me the desire to want to stay active in the breed, and possibly breed Shibas again. And one day, I got a push in the right direction when Farrah’s grand daughter, Eva, was graciously allowed by her breeder Leslie to be a part of my little family unit.


Eva is such a sweet girl and I see her dad and grandparents in her (her grandparents Ike and Farrah are my revered King and Queen Shibas at home). Anyways, she passed all her health tests and became an AKC champion and we decided to breed her to a beautiful Black and Tan champion male, who is an outcross to my lines.


Eva will be due in January and I am now formally accepting Shiba puppy applications. Most will be held back for showing and breeding, but there is a chance I will have 1 or 2 to may place into only the very best local homes in the Seattle/Tacoma area.

I also have a red female Hokkaido import puppy I was offered to improve my Hokkaido lines, and may opt to place her locally into a cooperative pet home for breed preservation, at a reduced fee on a co-ownernship. Please email me at for more details about planned puppies.

This Little Hokkaido Went to Market

Hana went out to get some groceries since Reber Ranch had a good sale. We found a great deal on the Shiba food (First Mate) and some good treats for puppies. Hana was a super star! She did so well and was more than happy to ride around in her crate in the cart, and later walk around the store on leash with a collar (her first time doing either). She was so good on leash and happy to wear her puppy necklace. And let me add, there was zero leash drama. She walked with me like a seasoned adult dog (Dog bless the natural Hokkaido tendency to stay with you nicely while walking).

She happily took treats from strangers and greeted people nicely (with a little excitement pee that is normal for my hokkaido puppies). She was also super at riding in her crate in the car and generally a happy content well adjusted puppy. She is still available for placement and it’s surprising to all who meet her as she is precious and adorable and sweet and really a very good little girl who will make a fantastic pet.

Without further ado, here she is in her shopping adventure:


String cheese is the best!

We took the time to a tiny bit of training:

Working on sits in new places is hard for a puppy!


We also have a cute tummy and aren’t shy about showing it to everyone!

Brindle Female Puppy Available (Hana)



Hana is still in need of placement. She is 9.5 weeks old, a beautiful little brindle girl, and has a really neat personality. She is spunky and sassy but very sweet and eager to please. She will be on the smaller size range end for female hokkaido. She is crate trained for overnights, has her microchip, 1st vaccine and several dewormings, her eye exam certification, and will be placed with a spay contract as she has a small hernia that can be fixed easily during her spay. Her placement fee will therefore be reduced to $2500. I will ship for the right home (figure an extra $300). She will make a loving sweet family pet and be a fun portable girl for hikes and traveling. Send interest emails to




Brindle Hokkaido Female 9 week Puppy Available, Updates

Arashi update: She is in a great cooperative breeding home with an experienced breeder, as she is a CEA carrier and will be a benefit to improving the health of the population in the US. Fingers crossed that she matures well and grows out of her puppy uglies!

Currently, I have one puppy left: 9 week old brindle bean Hana. She is a peanut and extremely sweet but also sassy (she must have been taking notes from her Shiba auntie Farrah). Please contact me via email at to inquire about her placement.


Updates on my adult dogs: Ashi is doing well in his permanent home in Seattle area, and his friend Kurasi will soon be spayed and heading to the great north for a long awaited reunion. She has been such an excellent mom and sweet quirky girl, I don’t have any complaints about her and will be sad to see her leave, but know she is going into great hands.


There will be some exciting additions to Lindsay’s Hokkaido Hut in the near future from far away lands, and any one who had expressed interest in co-owning or having an import dog for breed preservation, please contact me for details. I’m so excited and honored to be involved with breed development.


Hokkaido Puppy Female Available 10/26/2018


*EDIT: Arashi has been placed. There is now a brindle female named Hana who is available and is 8 weeks old. She is ready for placement as of 10/28/2018*

……Posting below is expired as of 10/27/2018……


This little girl is Arashi (Arashi go Hokusei Kashinoki) and is from the Umma x Ashi litter. She is about 11 weeks old and available to a Washington/Oregon home on a co-ownership with some additional requirements. She is a very special girl in that she is not affected by CEA and there aren’t many of those in the US, so we want her good genes and temperament to be used to help increase the number of healthy Hokkaido.

She is early leash trained, crate trained, has some clicker training, is vaccinated, microchipped and well socialized, with a very stable personality and promising temperament. She has potty training basics down and is great overnight, but as is typical for my Hokkaido, has the puppy excitement pee pees and will grow out of that. She also likes to vocalize as Hokkaido do.

She does well with adults and children and plays nicely with the other pets in the home. She’s always up to try new things and meet new people and is the first to take on new challenges such as meeting strangers and taking treats. She enjoys pets and is a good girl for grooming. Car rides are no big deal for her and she will be a great adventure dog for beach trips, hikes, lap snuggles, and possibly even performance or sports.

Lastly, Arashi has an amazing dark coat pattern with brindle points (not common at all) and it’s rather stunning in good light. Interested homes should email and describe in detail their home environment and lifestyle. It is preferable that applicants have fenced yards and don’t work long hours outside the home.

Female Hokkaido Puppies Available


I have 2 female Hokkaido puppies available, one is a Black and Tan 7 week old, and the other is 10 weeks old, and black with brindle points. The black/brindle girl will need to go to a cooperative home locally in the Northwest who will keep her intact so I may later use her for breeding/breed preservation as she is a CEA carrier.

I prefer a local home for the Black and Tan girl as well, but will allow shipping for her. She will be placed on a spay agreement.

Both parents are health tested and genetically screened. Both girls have are healthy and will come with microchips, 1st vaccines, deworming, 30 days free pet insurance, ophthalmologist exams, 1 year membership to HANA (Hokkaido Association of North America) and suitable supplies.

$500 application fee will be required once determined to be a suitable home (local, agreeable to a contract, preferably experienced with Japanese breeds). Please direct inquiries to my email at

This will be my last Hokkaido breeding for the next 2 years, so plan accordingly.