Thoughts About Ovcharka Mixes

I have been meaning to address this comment I got a while back on a blog post I did on the old Blogger blog. I asked if anyone could explain to me how mixing a Caucasian Ovcharka with a Border Collie, or a German Shepherd, could be viewed as an improvement for either breed.

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“This is the second “CO mix” I have seen coming from Eastern Washington. The first was a Shiloh Shepherd/CO mix, and boy was that a doozy of a dog in terms of liability. Honestly, I’m not convinced that I see any CO in this dog. There seems to be some CAO markings, but to me he looks like a large BC/mix thing. Whoever is getting these grand ideas, over there in Eastern Washington, to breed their CO with herding dogs, STOP IT! All this litigous country needs is a hyper vigilant, stranger wary, powerful guardian dog with the drive, brains, speed and energy of a herder.”

Caucasian Ovcharka Border Collie mix

A PAWS UP Rescue posted this comment:


Gosh, it would have been nice to know you saw one of our adoptable dogs and decided to post it here.
He’s been adopted to a responsible, wonderful family, btw (not that you seem to have cared).
I consulted with an “CO” breeder who helped us place another Ovcharka in the past, who felt this dog was a mix of that and BC.
Anyway. Maybe in the future you’d like to consult with rescues before knocking their rescued dogs. Really rude.
A PAW UP Rescue
Eastern WA

October 28, 2011 9:11 AM

First off, it sounds like you, Paw Up Rescue, are complaining that I shared the Petfinder ad for this dog. Do you know how many hits I get each day for “Caucasian Ovcharka in rescue”, “Caucasian Ovcharka Mix for Adoption” and “Caucasian Ovcharka Border Collie mix”? As one of the few, few, few sites out there that discusses life with Caucasians, responsible ownership, and doing breed rescue and referals, I would expect more appreciation from someone on your end.

Secondly, again it sounds like you are complaining, this time it is that I am stating I do not think it is a good idea to breed such an aggressive territorial working dog, with a fast, agile, uber intelligent herding breed, where the pups are obviously ending up being dumped in shelters. I am shocked, that as a rescue, YOU are having an issue with that. What’s rude, is that you think I, as a rescuer, am “knocking” your dog. I have no idea who you are, so perhaps it is time for you to stop taking things so personally.

And lastly, I won’t ever be asking yours or anyone elses permission to post a rescue ad here, especially one I find on Petfinder.

9 thoughts on “Thoughts About Ovcharka Mixes

  1. I’m confused, rescue person, why you are taking it personal that someone is questioning the person ultimately responsible for this dog (you know, the person who bred it). Usually rescues don’t get up in arms when people wonder how two breeds got together in the first place…


  2. I can see crossing them with other dogs that keep wolves out of sheep.

    The Soviets did breed them with German shepherds, and in Belarus, there are German shepherds that have Caucasian Ovtcharka ancestry. They are mostly shepherd and are sold as Byelorussian shepherds.

  3. The Black Russian terrier has come Caucasian Ovtcharka in it, too.

    One of the dogs in its ancestry was the Moscow water dog– a cross between the Newfoundland and the Caucasian ovtcharka, which were mixed with Soviet German shepherds, usually called Eastern European shepherds. The Moscow water dogs were meant to be the ultimate water rescue dogs, but they were more likely to bite the people they were supposed to be saving from the water.

    There was also some direct crossing with Ovtcharka.

  4. Beautiful dog. Have never been introduced to one but would love to see one. Seems to resemble a Leonberger a bit. Not in favour of any mixes. Don’t need CO mutts with temperament problems.

  5. I just got a CO BC pup that looks like Burmese. It has been socialized with family and other pets. I am very pleased with the temperament.

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