Hokkaido Meetup and Open Show

Several of the area Hokkaido owners near Portland had a little meetup at one of the AKC’s FSS Open shows (dog show for Foundation Stock breeds). Umma, Miki and Ashitaka, along with their Kishu friends, got to spend a day together playing show dog. Here’s a few photos of the event:

This is the first appearance Hokkaido have made in any AKC rings. They are a bit larger and a bit busier as show dogs compared to Shibas in that it is hard for mine to learn to be still. They are almost always on the move!

Dogs Available for Placement Fall 2017


I will periodically make announcements for available Shiba and Hokkaido here…most will be youngish dogs who have not turned out for showing, are retired from breeding, and sometimes rarely a dog I am looking to place into a cooperative home for breed preservation who will not spay/neuter. Dogs I announce are owned by me or my close Shiba/Hokkaido breeder network.

I do have a couple of young male dogs we are wanting to rehome. They are very active older puppies who are house trained etc, but need more intensive management and therefore would do better in households with fewer dogs, and patient humans who don’t leave the home every day for extended periods of time while puppy has to be alone.

I would like to see both dogs with Japanese dog experienced families, who are active with walks and hikes and will agree to do training classes. Ideal homes are near Tacoma/Seattle corridor. Secure fenced yards a must. Shiba boy is neutered already and has a rehoming fee.

There is also a special placement opportunity for a Hokkaido boy I want to keep intact until breeding. His placement is conditional and he needs to remain close to Puyallup. I am in no hurry to see him go as he is doing well with me, but my Shiba boys would rather he live elsewhere.

Please contact me via email to masakadoshiba@hotmail.com for more details.

Hokkaido Puppies Available April 2017

Hokkaido Association of North America

There are some very nice Hokkaido puppies from a litter in Japan for sale. I am traveling to Tokyo with a group and will be able to bring one or both back with me to the states in April, with stops in LA area and then Seattle. Two red girls are available still. There would be a significant savings on shipping fees (often $1500 for live cargo back from Japan!) Co-ownership would be ideal for breeding purposes and I could negotiate on sharing cost of import to the right home. Please let me know if you are interested and I can get more information for you.


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NIPPO, Changes, Plans and Puppies

There have been many changes this past year following the importing of a pair of Hokkaido Ken to the U.S. as a group effort. Although Shibas are my number 1 breed, I have retired Farrah from breeding and am enjoying my time with her doing dog sports and drooling over her grandpuppies. Ike and their puppy Marko continue to show and earn Championships/Grand Championships. Getting the Hokkaido breed established here has been my pet project since 2010, although my true passion is with Shibas, and I have plans to continue helping, supporting and working with Shibas and other breeders.

Those of us in the Nihon Ken community with the desire to see the Hokkaido Ken established in the states decided the time was right to conduct the first breeding from our imported pair, Genko and Yezo, which was successful and resulted in 6 wonderful puppies. From there we have pursued AKC-FSS recognition and have begun screening dogs here for genetic illnesses with CERF, OFA and Optimal Selection DNA testing. We have even attended some dog shows with the Hokkaido at Meet the Breed events to help introduce them to the public.

Starting a new breed is HARD WORK! And EXPENSIVE! Good things have certainly come from this endeavor, and looking back, I do not at all regret taking this path. I have met so many wonderful Hokkaido families and what an adventure it has been. I am very excited to announce that Masakado Shiba is now a registered NIPPO kennel for the purposes of furthering the Hokkaido Ken breed, under the NIPPO kennel name of Hokusei Kashinoki, meaning Northwest Oak 北西樫ノ木

*There are no Shiba litters available, however, I have a wait list started for a Spring 2017 breeding of Umma go Hokusei Kashinoki. Dog experienced homes in Western Washington/Oregon preferred. Hokkaido are similar in size and temperament to Shibas and are also a native Japanese treasure breed. Please visit www.hokkaidoken.com or email me for more information at info@hokkaidoken.org or phone 253.278.1169 if interested*

Updates for 9/1/2015, Adult Shiba Available for Placement

We went lure coursing again, this time in Enumclaw following some health test clinics, with the young up and comings Marko and Trillium. They both qualified towards their first performance titles and had a blast.

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There is a nice 4 year old fully trained Champion Shiba girl who is retired from breeding (and spayed) available to be placed as a single dog, or with an easy going male. She is very sweet, smart and beautiful and is an excellent girl who would be a nice pet for someone not wanting to go through the destructive puppy phase. She would love agility training also, but is a good calm house pet who would be happy to simply spend time on a walk with her humans, or getting attention inside. She is crate trained and house trained, and has always been a house pet (she is not a kennel dog). She has several other Shiba housemates, and now that she is retired, she would prefer to have her humans to herself, or share them with one other easy going dog friend. Please send inquiries to masakadoshiba@hotmail.com

Updates for 6/7/2015

We have attended several Barn Hunt trials in 2015 and Farrah got her RATO, and Ike got an Open leg. Their puppy Marko made his sports debut and got his RATI and his first Novice Leg. Good dogs!



Farrah also participated in several Flyball trials this year so far and got her Flyball Champion SIlver, putting her at #5 for the breed in NAFA standings. Both she and Beebe have several demos lined up with the team and look forward to them.


Farrah also had great fun at several Agility trials this year and needs just one more leg for her Excellent title:

Ike earned his Grand Championship this weekend at the Puyallup Cluster with a nice BOB win, on limited showing. His puppies are carrying on for him and it makes me proud and very thankful to have such a wonderful dog to live with.



In between all these events, we have enjoyed several beach trips and dog vacations, being fortunate to hang out with friends and two of Farrah’s puppies, Taiyo and Chai. What fun we had!