Puppies are 8 weeks old!

Pups are now 8 weeks and had their Opthamologist genetic eye screens. They are CEA affected but the eye vet did not feel this will impact them overall. I’ll be using the data to track, guide and improve my future Hokkaido breeding plans.


They also just got shots and chips (8 weeks). My repro vet likes brindle boy (Matsu) the best and the girl is equally nice (Aiko). The Black and Tan boy Koji is a bit gangly right now, but Oni seems pretty put together. The boys all have both testicles, hearts are all perfect, bites are spot on, and they were very happy to play “Pass the Puppy” with the staff.


I really like this litter and feel it is a solid improvement for my Hokkaido breeding. I am very glad to have been able to use Ashi and glad that he passed on so many wonderful traits to these pups. They are really neat little guys and this has been a fun puppy experience.


I would like to incorporate a nice show line female and male that are carriers/clear, to use with any Miki/Genji or Umma/Ashi offspring. It’s important to address CEA, but preventing the gene pool from shrinking by excluding too many dogs would not be wise. I have no regrets about producing these babies!

Puppy Update, Young Female Hokkaido for Placement


Kurasi aka Fruit Bat

I’ve decided that I will be placing Kurasi in a permanent retirement home when she is done with mommy duty. She has bounced around a bit due to various extenuating circumstances in her prior homes after leaving me (she was born here) and in her best interest, she will be spayed and retired from breeding.

She’s been a great easy mom and is shockingly good in the house and when crated, so of course it would be great to see her in a cooperative breeding home where she could still contribute to the breed, but there just aren’t many viable breeding options for her.

She has some personality quirks but they are not unmanageable and she is ridiculously sweet and devoted. Excellent off leash and on, and likes to sing to her people (like Hokkaido do…) Anyways, email inquiries to masakadoshiba@hotmail.com

Speaking of puppies, only 2 more weeks before her very nice litter goes to their forever homes. They are all doing well and have their first Vet visit and eye checks scheduled. They are mostly weaned and potty training is going way better than anticipated. Lots of visitors through the week and Shiba aunties/uncles to teach them good dog manners. Some pictures from today!

Puppy Updates

I have been very tardy to post updates in the last few weeks….I was injured on the job (whiplash) and have been off work for a few months. I recently returned for a few hours a day, with injury rehab and chiropractic visits in between that so time is flying and I have a photo bomb on the way, but until then, here are some just now updates from 1am (since I’m too sore to sleep). Puppies are all fine and good btw and will be 4 weeks old on Tuesday:


Hokkaido Puppies 3 Days Old


All puppies gaining about 1.5 ounces a day and the 2 larger boys are now over 1 pound. Mom Kurasi has decided she will eat regular meals again…she is getting Orijen puppy with fresh goat milk, probios, rice cereal and a squirt of salmon oil along with whatever nibbles I’m making for the people. Too early to tell about personalities now, but I’ve had to rescue brindle boy several times after he has escaped from the crate, and little girl is determined not to let her big brothers elbow her aside.



1 Day Old Hokkaido Babies


Hokkaido babies are over 24 hours old and are hitting their milestones, top of their class for nursing and crawling, and all gaining weight. To be honest, I was sort of dreading managing another huge Hokkaido litter, but 4 is a perfectly manageable amount and not too much for mom Kurasi to take care of in her own.

In fact, Kurasi is excelling at being a mom and it suits her. She is quiet, undemanding, devoted and careful with them and doesn’t care if I am there or not (although she loves the extra attention). I thought she would be extra clingy like her mom was with the first Hokkaido litter, but nope! She is doing super. I also battled constant diarrhea with Genko until the puppies were weaned, so implemented my strategies I already learned early on for Kurasi, and so far, it’s working well.

This litter experience is so far quite enjoyable (minus lack of sleep), and I hope the trend continues!