Announcement: Shiba Litter Plans Jan. 2019

My exciting announcement is that I have Shiba puppies due! Also, my last hokkaido puppy Hana, has a new home and is doing very well and has a Shiba (and human boys) of her very own.


From Hana’s family:

“Just wanted to let you know that Hanako made it home and is happy as can be. She seemed to walk in as if she knew the place :-). She is eating well, eliminating well, slept through the night perfectly in her kennel and has been super cute and sweet getting to know (our Shiba). Thank you so very much for Hanako. We couldn’t be happier. Happy Thanksgiving!!”

It will have been nearly 4 years since I had plans for my last Shiba breeding. After a bungled up emergency C-section in the wee hours of the morning, that would have been completely preventable, I was heartbroken, grief stricken, self loathing from guilt, and ready to never breed another Shiba litter.

I lost 2/3rds of what promised to have been a beautiful litter, and nearly lost Farrah. I went to the ER planning to leave with 4 little souls, and left with none. The image I had to console me as I left in tears, was Farrah barely alive in intensive care, her two lifeless perfect puppies on a cold exam table, and her one surviving puppy precariously holding on in an incubator.

I left with more questions than answers, always wondering how hard they tried to revive them and why did she have to suffer so long before finally going in for a section (strictures that nobody knew exisited, blocking her birth canal).

To rub salt in a fresh wound, the hospital disposed of my puppies against my wishes (I wanted them privately cremated and returned so I could bury them here where they could always be with their family). Instead they went to a landfill like garbage.

My Shiba babies are so precious to me, they are survivors and they exist because of inumerable people making a conscious effort to preserve them. I felt like I was directly responsible for causing these puppies deaths. Going forward with breeding seemed impossible. I couldn’t stand to see any of them hurting, or worse, dying in surgery. I lost my nerve, and to this day I still cry over what happened.

I know they are not people, and I’ve had friends who lost infants during delivery and I can’t imagine that pain (nor would I want to).  But still, it stings to think about it now even though it was just two puppies.

So I decided to become more involved in Hokkaido as they are in great need of preservation efforts, and I benefited from having that experience to help me become a better breeder. Although they have their own challenges as a breed, I was glad to feel useful again in some aspect of Japanese breed preservation.


Handsome Riku

I also found some healing when I saw Farrah’s last puppy Riku going out into the world and doing so well with his loving family. He is simply a stunning boy and I’m so happy he is thriving and contributing to the breed. That gave me the desire to want to stay active in the breed, and possibly breed Shibas again. And one day, I got a push in the right direction when Farrah’s grand daughter, Eva, was graciously allowed by her breeder Leslie to be a part of my little family unit.


Eva is such a sweet girl and I see her dad and grandparents in her (her grandparents Ike and Farrah are my revered King and Queen Shibas at home). Anyways, she passed all her health tests and became an AKC champion and we decided to breed her to a beautiful Black and Tan champion male, who is an outcross to my lines.


Eva will be due in January and I am now formally accepting Shiba puppy applications. Most will be held back for showing and breeding, but there is a chance I will have 1 or 2 to may place into only the very best local homes in the Seattle/Tacoma area.

I also have a red female Hokkaido import puppy I was offered to improve my Hokkaido lines, and may opt to place her locally into a cooperative pet home for breed preservation, at a reduced fee on a co-ownernship. Please email me at for more details about planned puppies.

One thought on “Announcement: Shiba Litter Plans Jan. 2019

  1. I read and reread your heartfelt story of Farrah’s last litter. I hadn’t previously known the all the details.
    I had slept alongside her that previous night and knew she was uncomfortable. If only we had realized sooner, but there was no way to know of the blockage. I grieved too.
    I am so happy to welcome Eva’s pups! She is my personal favorite Shiba in our pack. Can’t wait!
    Love, Mom

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