Brindle Hokkaido Female 9 week Puppy Available, Updates

Arashi update: She is in a great cooperative breeding home with an experienced breeder, as she is a CEA carrier and will be a benefit to improving the health of the population in the US. Fingers crossed that she matures well and grows out of her puppy uglies!

Currently, I have one puppy left: 9 week old brindle bean Hana. She is a peanut and extremely sweet but also sassy (she must have been taking notes from her Shiba auntie Farrah). Please contact me via email at to inquire about her placement.


Updates on my adult dogs: Ashi is doing well in his permanent home in Seattle area, and his friend Kurasi will soon be spayed and heading to the great north for a long awaited reunion. She has been such an excellent mom and sweet quirky girl, I don’t have any complaints about her and will be sad to see her leave, but know she is going into great hands.


There will be some exciting additions to Lindsay’s Hokkaido Hut in the near future from far away lands, and any one who had expressed interest in co-owning or having an import dog for breed preservation, please contact me for details. I’m so excited and honored to be involved with breed development.


4 thoughts on “Brindle Hokkaido Female 9 week Puppy Available, Updates

  1. I loved my Akita’s throughout the years and the Japanese breeds. These dogs are beautiful. Thank you for helping to preserve the breeds.

  2. Hi , when you say she is a peanut does that mean she was the runt of the litter? Are you willing to let her go to California?


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