Female Hokkaido Puppies Available


I have 2 female Hokkaido puppies available, one is a Black and Tan 7 week old, and the other is 10 weeks old, and black with brindle points. The black/brindle girl will need to go to a cooperative home locally in the Northwest who will keep her intact so I may later use her for breeding/breed preservation as she is a CEA carrier.

I prefer a local home for the Black and Tan girl as well, but will allow shipping for her. She will be placed on a spay agreement.

Both parents are health tested and genetically screened. Both girls have are healthy and will come with microchips, 1st vaccines, deworming, 30 days free pet insurance, ophthalmologist exams, 1 year membership to HANA (Hokkaido Association of North America) and suitable supplies.

$500 application fee will be required once determined to be a suitable home (local, agreeable to a contract, preferably experienced with Japanese breeds). Please direct inquiries to my email at masakadoshiba@hotmail.com

This will be my last Hokkaido breeding for the next 2 years, so plan accordingly.

Tell me what you think!

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