Announcement: Hokkaido Puppies Due 8/8/18

Litter number 3 on the way for Hokusei Kashinoki (my Hokkaido breeding program)!


Happy to announce that Umma was bred earlier to Ashitaka and ultrasound shows 6 healthy heartbeats. Although it’s early, I’m really excited to see this litter as it’s a great match and there is potential for CEA carriers (which is needed as there are too many affecteds) as Umma is a carrier (she also has excellent hips). Gene swabs for eye testing are ready to go and we will also of course do the genetic eye screens at the ophthalmologist.

I know this litter will be doted on and I’m extremely excited to go through this process with Umma’s amazing family as this will be their first whelping experience. All hands on deck! Eager to start planning for puppy parties this summer. Depending on what is born, I will also have a couple spots open on this waitlist for reservations.

Please email me at for inquiries about my waitlist process.

Tell me what you think!

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