Waitlist Open

I have my next 3-4 breedings planned and am screening for a few more spots for 2018, and curating an interest list for 2019. I get dozens of inquiries each week but very few are suitable to join my extended hokkaido family. I also don’t take deposits far in advance. I need dedicated homes who are understanding of the culture Hokkaido come from, who are interested in learning about and discussing the breed, with the appropriate physical means to care for these dogs. That includes:

  • Stable housing, preferably local.
  • Relevent dog experience or desire to go through the paces and visit my dogs multiple times for new dog owner education.
  • Access to yard/parks for potty and exercise.
  • Ability to hire a dog sitter/walker/dog daycare if working away from the home where the puppy would otherwise be confined for greater than 4 hour stretches of time on a ROUTINE basis, ie, if you work 8 hour days 5 days a week, you’ll need to get breaks for your puppy somehow for potty, exercise, and socialization.
  • Must take puppy classes before puppy hits the 12 week mark, and an additional set of higher level general training class that is not specifically for puppies.
  • Pet insurance: must be able to pay for monthly pet insurance, or set up a pet savings account for emergencies.
  • Spay/Neuter: I place all of my dogs on conditional contracts and some puppies will be required to be kept intact until physical maturity to determine suitability for breeding. This is a preservation effort and my breedings are geared towards that, so some homes I give greater preference too if they are willing to co-own and make their dog available to me later on for breeding if it’s determined that pet is of good physical and mental quality to assist in preservation.
  • Engagement: I want to know a potential home values their Hokkaido by demonstrating how well they will take care of it, and not just wanting one to be an ornament or status symbol. Things like hikes, camping, sleeping with the family, road trips, classes together, going to the beach etc are all things a Hokkaido would love to do and those are plans I like to see potential families make for their puppies.

Here is my line up of potential breedings:

  • Summer 2018: Kurasi x Import
  • Summer 2018: Umma x Ashi
  • 2019: Umma x Import?
  • 2019: Miki x frozen sperm from Genji or Teddy depending on Miki’s health checks. Here is an updated photo of one of the most easy going Hokkaido boys I know, Teddy (Yukar go Hokusei Kashinoki):


Teddy is a certified office dog and lives in a townhouse in Seattle with his best human pal. They walk to work together and he has a pretty decent range of tricks by all accounts. He’s a very good boy! Teddy had preliminary hip X-rays and OFAs about 1 year ago and they indicated possibly mild hip dysplagia. He has everything else I want for Miki but it will depend on how her hips turn out later this year.

Please submit an application request to masakadoshiba@hotmail.com and introduce yourself. A “refundable at my discretion deposit” will be required once an application has been approved.

Tell me what you think!

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