NW Hokkaido Friends and 4 Days Old Puppies


Had a little Northwest Hokkaido get together and puppy shower while it stormed outside.


The extended Hokkaido family (Umma, Genji and Ashi) had fun playing in the rain while the humans ogled the new babies, with mom Kurasi keeping a watchful eye.

I’m so lucky to have so many wonderful puppy owners and Hokkaido friends close by!


3 thoughts on “NW Hokkaido Friends and 4 Days Old Puppies

  1. What is the name of the red Hokkaido? I like that color, very cute dog. Are Hokkaido’s pretty friendly? I don’t want an Akita, too much dog…

      • Ok, thank you. I have a mix now with some Asian dog in the mix. She is 9 years old, friendly cautious , wonderful dog with all the positive traits of Nihon Ken dogs. She is 62 lbs, and when she is gone ☹️, I want a little smaller dog, say 40lbs max, female. I was thinking of the Hokkaido. What do you think? I have the time to wait on a wait list. I really like these Asian dogs, but feel Akita is too big, too much dog, and Shiba too small, aloof…
        Thanks, Greg

        PS — there is a woman here in SoCal with A brindle coat I will get to see in person to check out size and stuff 😊

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