1 Day Old Hokkaido Babies


Hokkaido babies are over 24 hours old and are hitting their milestones, top of their class for nursing and crawling, and all gaining weight. To be honest, I was sort of dreading managing another huge Hokkaido litter, but 4 is a perfectly manageable amount and not too much for mom Kurasi to take care of in her own.

In fact, Kurasi is excelling at being a mom and it suits her. She is quiet, undemanding, devoted and careful with them and doesn’t care if I am there or not (although she loves the extra attention). I thought she would be extra clingy like her mom was with the first Hokkaido litter, but nope! She is doing super. I also battled constant diarrhea with Genko until the puppies were weaned, so implemented my strategies I already learned early on for Kurasi, and so far, it’s working well.

This litter experience is so far quite enjoyable (minus lack of sleep), and I hope the trend continues!

One thought on “1 Day Old Hokkaido Babies

  1. Those puppies are the most adorable little things I have ever seen! My heart is yearning for one of them. Congratulations and good luck!

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