Hokkaido Ken SOS

My good friend Mr. Shigeru Kato over at the Nihon Ken Blog has updated registration numbers of the native Japanese Nihon Ken breeds in their home country. Hokkaido numbers are desperately in decline and anybody interested in the breed needs to demonstrate that the demand exists overseas or breeders there will simply fade out of breeding them all together. If you are considering Hokkaido as a potential breed, you will have lots of support from the breed club here I promise if you decide to import! This is a great moment in breed development here to actively contribute to breed preservation and growth before they become extinct.

I owe an enormous thank you to Mr. Kato for his efforts helping the Hokkaido and medium breeds in the US become established. Thank you so much for writing this and helping the US Hokkaido breed club HANA gain momentum. It has been my special project since I became interested in Shibas 10 years ago and as I am sorting through all of my Hokkaido registrations, AKC information, upcoming Open shows, DNA samples to submit and puppy requests, I do feel there has been steady progress year to year in the US. But we NEED more dogs (and more homes) to diversify the gene pool.

And yes I’m one of the people bugging him for a male lol, so if anyone is interested in importing and being apart of something rewarding, I’m willing to work out an arraignment as I have with several of my other excellent Hokkaido homes. This would typically involve the import puppy living full time as a pet with the new owner (not me), with me sharing import fees in exchange for breeding when the puppy is older. Or, this could mean me offering a puppy back to a potential importing home using one of my own dogs in a breeding to said import. Or however we arrange it. Bottom line, importing helps drive demand and results in a nice puppy getting a good home here and the satisfaction of contributing to the breed in a big way.


Please contact me at masakadoshiba@hotmail.com for additional information on importing a Hokkaido.

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