Dogs Available for Placement Fall 2017


I will periodically make announcements for available Shiba and Hokkaido here…most will be youngish dogs who have not turned out for showing, are retired from breeding, and sometimes rarely a dog I am looking to place into a cooperative home for breed preservation who will not spay/neuter. Dogs I announce are owned by me or my close Shiba/Hokkaido breeder network.

I do have a couple of young male dogs we are wanting to rehome. They are very active older puppies who are house trained etc, but need more intensive management and therefore would do better in households with fewer dogs, and patient humans who don’t leave the home every day for extended periods of time while puppy has to be alone.

I would like to see both dogs with Japanese dog experienced families, who are active with walks and hikes and will agree to do training classes. Ideal homes are near Tacoma/Seattle corridor. Secure fenced yards a must. Shiba boy is neutered already and has a rehoming fee.

There is also a special placement opportunity for a Hokkaido boy I want to keep intact until breeding. His placement is conditional and he needs to remain close to Puyallup. I am in no hurry to see him go as he is doing well with me, but my Shiba boys would rather he live elsewhere.

Please contact me via email to for more details.

Tell me what you think!

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