NIPPO, Changes, Plans and Puppies

There have been many changes this past year following the importing of a pair of Hokkaido Ken to the U.S. as a group effort. Although Shibas are my number 1 breed, I have retired Farrah from breeding and am enjoying my time with her doing dog sports and drooling over her grandpuppies. Ike and their puppy Marko continue to show and earn Championships/Grand Championships. Getting the Hokkaido breed established here has been my pet project since 2010, although my true passion is with Shibas, and I have plans to continue helping, supporting and working with Shibas and other breeders.

Those of us in the Nihon Ken community with the desire to see the Hokkaido Ken established in the states decided the time was right to conduct the first breeding from our imported pair, Genko and Yezo, which was successful and resulted in 6 wonderful puppies. From there we have pursued AKC-FSS recognition and have begun screening dogs here for genetic illnesses with CERF, OFA and Optimal Selection DNA testing. We have even attended some dog shows with the Hokkaido at Meet the Breed events to help introduce them to the public.

Starting a new breed is HARD WORK! And EXPENSIVE! Good things have certainly come from this endeavor, and looking back, I do not at all regret taking this path. I have met so many wonderful Hokkaido families and what an adventure it has been. I am very excited to announce that Masakado Shiba is now a registered NIPPO kennel for the purposes of furthering the Hokkaido Ken breed, under the NIPPO kennel name of Hokusei Kashinoki, meaning Northwest Oak 北西樫ノ木

*There are no Shiba litters available, however, I have a wait list started for a Spring 2017 breeding of Umma go Hokusei Kashinoki. Dog experienced homes in Western Washington/Oregon preferred. Hokkaido are similar in size and temperament to Shibas and are also a native Japanese treasure breed. Please visit or email me for more information at or phone 253.278.1169 if interested*

3 thoughts on “NIPPO, Changes, Plans and Puppies

    • My Hokkaido girls are quite similar in size to my Shiba boys. They are not large dogs. My Hokkaido boys are just a bit taller than my Shiba boys, as are my Kai Ken when I had them here. You apparently are not aware that there are multiple breed specific preservation clubs in Japan and they have different size standards. My imports are Dokenho standard, which favors a slightly smaller dog than the NIPPO or FCI standard. These are muscular dogs, but not especially tall, right in the middle of the Nihon Ken and smaller than Kishu, Shikoku and Japanese Akitas.

  1. I just now saw your antswer… thank you for that. And I indeed did not know about Dokenho standard! Always good to learn. I will google for some more information.
    In Holland we don’t have them. There are a few in Hongary, most/a lot are white.
    My shiba are about 37 cm, my boys about 40 cm.
    best regards Tiny Hensema

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