Updates for 9/1/2015, Adult Shiba Available for Placement

We went lure coursing again, this time in Enumclaw following some health test clinics, with the young up and comings Marko and Trillium. They both qualified towards their first performance titles and had a blast.

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There is a nice 4 year old fully trained Champion Shiba girl who is retired from breeding (and spayed) available to be placed as a single dog, or with an easy going male. She is very sweet, smart and beautiful and is an excellent girl who would be a nice pet for someone not wanting to go through the destructive puppy phase. She would love agility training also, but is a good calm house pet who would be happy to simply spend time on a walk with her humans, or getting attention inside. She is crate trained and house trained, and has always been a house pet (she is not a kennel dog). She has several other Shiba housemates, and now that she is retired, she would prefer to have her humans to herself, or share them with one other easy going dog friend. Please send inquiries to masakadoshiba@hotmail.com

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