Dog News and Trial Results

Ike is completing the requirements for his Grand Championship and has all the required majors, Breed wins and individual judge wins now. We don’t compete much, so it will take a while, but he just needs points from a few more Select (or Breed wins). He did a great job for his last two Bests of Breed and Selects and I’m very proud of how well he showed and that he looked very happy. Too bad the photos didn’t turn out! We had fun traveling overnight but it isn’t something I plan to do a lot of for shows. Maybe for Agility/Flyball trials as the dogs enjoy that so much more…



Mrs Farrah is enjoying a little Agility comeback after being out for so long for mommy duty. We’ve spent a lot of hours with some great Agility instructors over the last months to get trial ready. Mom (me) takes a lot of work still on learning courses and handling, and Farrah lets me know if I am not being fair or fun enough by going to visit people for pets during our runs. Those moments are getting further and further between, so that’s progress.

Running Shibas in agility has challenges, and that takes time and patience, but the good moments are that much more rewarding. I saw some very good things from her at our last two trials, and I felt I had some good things I was able to improve on, so I’m very pleased with where we are right now as a team, but there is lots of room for improvement!

Some of the big changes from our trial moments that we didn’t have 2 years ago vs last weekend is very good weaves, very good contact, sends to tunnels, rear crosses and drive to go forward independently without taking off. Those are the good moments, and when we are good we are great, but when we are bad, it’s pretty awful, but that’s where a good sense of humor comes in handy! And of course zoomies happen and Farrah has no need for contacts during those moments…

So, Farrah got a nice QQ in Std and JWW, followed by her first FAST Q. I will take that any day after a year with no Q’s!


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