Weekend Wrap-up, Articles, and Sports Chat

It was a great show weekend. I saw some nice dogs and got the chance to mingle with good people. This AM was also a good but nippy 24 degree walk with our Golden Retreiver friends, Oliver and Morgan. Farrah also had her OFAs and was a very good girl.

Friday was a rescue transport day for us, and a spur of the moment trip to Portland. It’s always a pleasure to lend a hand to Shibas 4 Life rescue, and I wish these 2 girls all the luck. They are very sweet and will great pets. They were relinquished due to owner disability and seem very well socialized and behaved:

Rainey and Bria are available for adoption via Northwest Shibas 4 Life Rescue

Rainey and Bria are available for adoption via Northwest Shibas 4 Life Rescue


Here are some interesting links for the week:



http://baddogagility.com/category/visual-dictionary/ For the agility people!

http://www.dogemate.com/ WTF! This is pure craziness right here.

http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/my-puppy-my-self/201102/unified-dog-theory-xi-bold-new-prescription-training-puppies-dont This one threw me a little. There are valid points, and the main message I took from it was age appropriate material and socialization are more important than learning obedience. Don’t micromanage and let the puppies be puppies.

Shiba Sports Chat tonight at 5pm till whenever. I will discuss the articles listed above! http://www.chatzy.com/59207017935229

Tell me what you think!

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