4 thoughts on “New Web Site

  1. I love the new blog and definitely enjoy the larger sized images smack in the middle of the page. =) I am very excited to see your new page have your breeding information and very very much look forward to seeing your future pups!

  2. Very nicely done! You’ve got tons of gorgeous photos, a clean layout, information that is easy to read and immediately accessible with lots of clickable outside links from clear, reputable sources. I also really appreciate how transparent your content is… you put up research pedigrees, you’re honest about your history with Shibas as well as your training and dog-rearing philosophies. There is a lot to explore on your site in an original, compelling way. You’ve obviously taken this project very seriously, and the results show.

    I’d love to see more Shiba breeders rise to the occasion and use their public webpage as an opportunity to create something that is both useful in advertising their own breeding program AND educational for others who are interested in knowing more about the breed. Thanks for setting a good example of how this can be achieved.

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