Mastino Fails, Owner Wails

Mastino Fails, Owner Wails.

A good read from Christopher at Border Wars regarding some of the Kennel Clubs new policies on having Vets examine the Best of Breed winners in several “breeds of concern” aka, breeds with exaggerated phenotype like bulldogs, and in this case, Neopolitan Mastiffs.

I’m glad Shibas are not exaggerated, but I think this needs to start happening in the US with the same selected breeds.

What do you think? Has the KC gone too far? Does the breeder have a leg to stand on? Should Best of Breed winners in the AKC and UKC also be Vet checked?

2 thoughts on “Mastino Fails, Owner Wails

  1. Masakado writes: “I’m glad Shibas are not exaggerated, but I think this needs to start happening in the US with the same selected breeds.”

    Interesting….You mean by AKC appointed vet for the “exaggerated breeds” only? There will be much issue over defining “exaggerated” if there hasn’t been already. Honestly, if hands on medical inspection is taking place for one group there will be screaming for that to be the case for all winning dogs across the board at a show. Should not be a problem for Shibas though …

    Also, I don’t know that a simple looking over by a vet at a show will catch all or any of the issues in reality. Each veterinary practitioner has their own skill set or specialty. There are things a vet will not know for a particular breed. At a show a once over would merely be cursory. The question is how nit picky will this become… will it open the door to offs under the table??

    As far as the article, some of conditions in the article may be assumed true about the cane corso. However, sadly, some conditions in dogs mimic others in regard to immune responses. I am not downplaying exaggeration in/by the breed/breeder but stating that medically there is no way to know in a “once over” if one issue relates to another…. correlation and causation being unclear. Should show clearance be similar to the Olympics and basic test results handed over before the ring entrance? Possibly. It certainly would save a lot of face so to speak beforehand. It can’t hurt to make sure dogs have been seen by their vet before a show season starts.

    I DO think however, if a dog is going to win BOB or group they minimally should have at least cleared standard testing as seen in OFA and few tests on a yr to 2 yr basis. But then again on a young dog some of the testing may not be able to be completed. So this basically rearranges the whole eligibility of wins based on animal’s age etc etc. I guess that’s fine, but there will be a need to re-categorize the winners circle/levels then.

    • I thought I had read from some Scandanavian Shiba breeders that dogs are not eligable to compete at shows until they have applied and been health tested, pedigrees reviewed, etc….maybe Finland?

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