Farrah’s First Agility Trial and New Title

It was fun! She got a Q in JWW and 2 Q’s in Standard at the NW Bearded Collie Agility Trial at Argus Ranch. We learned above all that there is no substitute for good foundation work. I’m glad I have spent all this time in classes working with some of the most demanding instructors, because it was worth it. Farrah is such a good little worker!

The following weekend at the Gig Harbor Kennel Club Agility Trial, Farrah earned her 2nd Q in Jumpers and had a Clean Run in Standard for her 3rd leg, and a new title, Novice Agility dog.






It was sooo hot (95 degrees) in Gig Harbor, we decided to pull over for a swim after the trial. I waded out into the sound and Farrah started screaming back on the shore as if trying to join me (held by her Auntie Pam). I called her and Pam dropped the leash, and she dove right in AND SWAM of her own free will about 30 ft out to where I was floating. Wow! Maybe water retreives are in her future after all?

2 thoughts on “Farrah’s First Agility Trial and New Title

  1. Hi, I just moved here from florida. My family (my wife and two shibas) are still in Florida and soon to move here. It appears that you are the organizer for the shiba meet up and I my membership is pending.

    Saw your note about the hot day in gig harbor and how you had hoped for water fetch. Well, I had a similar experience with our male shiba easter sunday two years ago. I was wading (with chest waders) and he was crazy on the beach trying to figure out how to get there and eventually swam out to me. Your hope for water fetch is possible. If you want to see a video of Cosmo, go to youtube and search-who says shibas don’t play water fetch-

    Anyway, hope to hear from you soon and enjoy watching Cosmo fetch a ball

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