Tagg GPS Collars are not Bark or E-Collars

I got several searches on my blog about Farrah and Beebe’s collars based on some pictures I posted on Facebook, my last post and this image, and this post on the NW Shibas4Life Rescue Blog:

This is not a bark collar or an e-collar. It is a Tagg GPS Pet Tracker, and it is very cool. The company sent me an additional collar overnight when I had some issues with my docking station, and they were out of pink, so Farrah gets to sport a sensible lavender grey, while Beebe wears Akuma’s blue Tagg. I was glad to have both collars in use for this event as we were away from home in downtown Seattle during a parade and the girls were off leash for part of it.

Eventually they will all have their own Tagg collars, but since I rarely take more than 2 dogs to one location, it makes sense to have at least 2 on hand. I know of at least 1 Shiba who was safely reuinted with its owner thanks to this handy device, which sends updated locations every 3 minutes dirctly to a smart phone. Anyways, I think they are totally worth the investment.

I will conclude with the official video from the Seattle Flydogs of the girls working off leash:

You can see Farrah and Beebe best at about the 2 minute mark.

4 thoughts on “Tagg GPS Collars are not Bark or E-Collars

  1. I think we are going to go this route with gps. The greeting factor when out and about is a little too much for my boy and it scares me a bit to have an unexpected run out when working. Have tried to quell it some, but it is what it is and I have to just be proactive. Sighs….

  2. I am hoping the size will go down with further manuf. developments. It’s so cumbersome looking. How heavy is it?

    • They weigh about as much as a chicken egg (I guess). The Garmin GPS collar is mammoth compared to the Tagg collar, but yes, I look forward to the technology improving and the size shrinking.

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