Coat Color Inheritance: I am looking for RED and SESAME dogs produced from 2 black and tan parents

I am highly interested in finding anybody with a RED or SESAME shiba who have BOTH parents listed (with pictures and pedigrees) as black and tan. If anybody wants to volunteer or knows of any dogs that fit this, I would be extremely appreciative. Thanks!

The following images were scanned by Hi-Jinx Shiba and borrowed from her FB album, but are sourced from The Total Shiba and I believe initially put together by Monica Flynn:

For this last image, I want to point out that the colored dogs in this cream or chinchilla CC inheritance chart don’t have to be red dogs, they can be sesame or black and tan as well.

6 thoughts on “Coat Color Inheritance: I am looking for RED and SESAME dogs produced from 2 black and tan parents

  1. Have you found anything? I am just tagging along for interest! I have a black shiba inu, never thought they’d get a red/sesame one from two blacks O.O…. Why are you after this color, and from two blacks?

    • Well, that’s sort of the point. That would be like finding a mythical creature, since that color inheritance is not been proven to be possilbe. However, there are rumors of that happening, but no proof yet. It would force us to reconsider how we understand color inheritance in Shibas, and so that would be interesting to me if it were possible and someone did have proof of it.

  2. I have 2 red Shibas who do no have any sesame in appearance yet they have had 3 black and tan offspring! as well as cream, red and red sesame.

  3. hi,
    I am writing to inform you that the coupling between my shiba inu male Yuki (cream) and a shiba inu female Shana (sesame), were born two beautiful puppies black & tan. what do you think? is a rare event?

    • No, it is not (sadly) rare at all. It’s genetics. Your cream either has the genes for genetic sesame, or for black and tan. And please, reputable breeders do not breed cream in the US. You should know your genetics before breeding in the first place, so please, do everyone a favor and spay/neuter your pet dogs that have no business being bred.

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