Ike gets a Best of Breed and Group 3


Great day at the Olympia Dog Fanciers Association all breed dog show in Elma, Washington.

Results here!

Best of Breed went to Ike (San Jo Idol Eyes, RN) over multiple Specials for a Major win, including the current #3 ranked Shiba! He went on to earn a GROUP 3 over some very competitive Specials and handlers! What a win for a deserving boy. He was expertly handled by his auntie Tia McLaughlin of Kumi Shiba and Lhasas and looked amazing. Thanks to Tia and Cheryl Mamiya (Mamiya Shibas) for helping him to shine like the fabulous dog he is. Many thanks to his breeder Leslie Ann Engen for sending me this wonderful boy. He is truely loved and cherished. I can’t wait for the official photos to arrive!

In the meantime, here are some shots of his handsome mug (thank you Sandra for these):



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