3 thoughts on “Spring Chickens

  1. what beautiful girls. are you ever going to do the rooster route and raise generations of birds? we’re getting our first three in May… a tad nervous but since it is a universal truth that their needs are so modest, I think we’ll do fine.

    • Neat! You will enjoy them 🙂 I do want to incubate this year. The 2 Copper Maran roos are in the photo and I love them. I also have a nice Buckeye Roo and a breeding pair of Javas. The hens finally resumed laying this week and they are telling me that love is in the air. I am debating using a friends incubator, or letting on of the hens do it naturally. I think I will give them a few weeks to see which one seems inclined to set. Good luck with yours!

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