Pervy Uncle Ike

Everyone has one in the family. I’m talking about the slightly pervy (not creepy) but always highly entertaining and fun loving Uncle who let you stay up later than your parents did, who gave you a sip of beer when no one was looking, who told dirty jokes and not only looked the other way when you both new you were doing something your sensible parents explicitly forbade (like drive and skip classes!), but actually encouraged it.

In this case, Uncle Ike encourages his 9 week old niece to zoomie around the yard at break neck speed dodging in and out of stationary objects and encourages her to play with cars.

“It’s ok kid, but don’t tell your mom I let you dig.”

2 thoughts on “Pervy Uncle Ike

  1. First – a Huge Congrats on attaining your Lure Coursing Ability Test Title on not one but two dogs and being the 1st and 2nd in history of the Shiba breed to do so! I’m currently working with two of my Shibas toward the the title and a Siberian. I just ran one of my Shibas at our first AKC sanctioned event this weekend and she did get her first leg. I’m hoping to locate some other sanctioned test sites not too far from our area to finish her title in the near future (as well as our Siberian and also my other Shiba). Do you know how many other Shibas have attained the title thus far? I looked on but they only have 2011 listing of the breeds that have passed their test — (of which I did not see a Shiba listed) so wondering how many have passed since that list went up on AKC. I know we can’t be the number 1 and 2 that passed – but would still hope we might be one of the first! (-:Maybe AKC just publishes the titles at end of year and maybe not till the end of 2012 will they be posted again? Thanks for any info and congrats again.

    • Hi Linda,

      Thank you. The last count was 4 Shibas with the title. Farrah, Beebe and Koji, and another named Haiku I believe. I know Conker was likely the 5th, and there may be one from Pat Doescher who I know has at least gotten some legs, if not fully titled. AKC submits their reports to NSCA (the National Shiba Club of America, they pay for this data) and they update stats as they are able on their site and in the newsletter. That is also a great place to look for AKC affiliated Shiba titles. Good luck and I say go for it regardless of who got their ahead of you. It’s a fun event for the Shibas.

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