Flyball Tournament: New Title Announcements

Farrah and Beebe just got back from a great Flyball tournament day in Canada. This was Farrah’s first Flyball tournament with the Seattle Flydogs and she earned not one, but two titles in one day, making this a very exciting debut! She had two back to back runs under 24 seconds (which is a record for our team) and was running reliable, strong and eager the whole day, filling in for some veteran racers who began slowing down.

It was quite a sight to have both my girls running the same races (Beebe also did very well, but I can see she is slowing down more easily these days), and there were a lot of exclamations over seeing not one, but two Shibas running at the same time. My little monkey really impressed me and the team, and I am so proud of her. I don’t know where she drew all of this focus and drive from under so much pressure. She just graduated last week from training, so we are all surprised, to say the least.

She is still a Green dog, and I thought for sure she would go visit the new dogs since she is a social butterfly, but she stayed the course without faltering. My only criticism of her was her passes, where she stopped to chase the other dog for a couple feet before redirecting back to task, (she runs last) but her times were still decent. Anyways, her breeder, Leslie, is proud of her and so are all of Farrah’s friends.

Farrah is now San Jo Lillith Fair, RN, FD, FDX

I want to work on her CGC next, and agility titles, maybe get her back in the show rings. Mostly I want to work on her performance career before I breed her, since mommy duty will really limit her activities.

Here is some spam from the Coursing Ability Test both Beebe and Farrah took (and passed) a few weeks ago, with Farrah’s nephew Koji:

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