AKC Group Realignment Amendment Fails

This just in from AKC:

The group realignment amendment for 11 groups did not pass the 2/3 majority vote required. The vote was 231 in favor and 165 opposed.

What this means is that Shibas, Bulldogs, Chow Chow (yuk) and Poodles will remain in the same group being judged by the same old old judges who have a thing for excess: flat faces, wrinkles and Fru Fru haircuts. And I’m talking about the dogs here. No wonder the plain in comparison Shibas don’t often win in this group (well, sometimes they do when a certain judge or judges is in their circle of friends, and sometimes they win on merit alone, but not always).

Is this the progressive approach AKC wants to take? More of the same?

4 thoughts on “AKC Group Realignment Amendment Fails

  1. Thanks for the updates. Gosh this week is full of crummy news.
    Changing the way things are done would just give the “blue hairs” a heart attack and shake up those on the Alzheimer track. Oh yeah..the graying continues. Will say I am much less excited about the shows than I used to be, particularly when there is a handful of the same old same old in the group ring. Yeah, I don’t think the stodgy old timers will ever look at a Shiba in the light it needs to be. In some areas it probably isn’t worth the entry fees. On that note I am grabbing a Cappuccino and will look toward performance. I figure there will be a turn around when there is a mass extinction (LOL). Have fun with your wonder dogs. : )

  2. Ok chalking all the news up to the ides of march….Swangi – (kombai superstition) or whatever….

    In thinking about this further, in a rational sense, seems to me really the issue stems from the fact that unless the majority of the breed clubs have something directly to gain from the change there will be unwillingness to engage in the effort. Even if that mere effort is mentally thinking in a new way, not really new work in running a show. Progressiveness requires new thinking and in an old subculture that is not going to happen. At least not yet. My guess if the majority of breed clubs are unaffected and it does not matter one way or the other then club members are going to take the lesser out, no vote, which may be some of the nails in the coffin. Apathy really stinks. There are other factors I am sure but bottom like is the culture is not ready even if the work load is not really any more than it normally would be for a show.

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