The World’s Most Exclusive Puppy Contract

This has me really scratching my head, and I have to ask are these people for real?

The world’s stricktest pre-qualification for puppy purchase questionnaire

Is this just a bunch of ethics spewing to make themselves look really exclusive and special, or do they really screen people out for “mingling”? Do these people raise their dogs on Mars?

“do NOT accept advice from owners of unregistered or mixed breed dogs; do NOT accept advice from owners of rescue dogs.” Beware of mix breed dogs!!! Ahh!!!

“will NOT place a boxer into the Nanaimo/Parksville area on Vancouver Island or permit a dog to attend classes in those areas. (We) monitor locations of AR activities, including vegetarian food fares.” Beware of vegetarians! Beware!!!

“Please refrain from socializing with dogs raised on the American fad of raw food diet and BARF, advertised as “Species Appropriate Raw Diets”. We recommend avoiding all areas where these dogs deposit their feces. The feces of these dogs contain bacterial matter and parasites which are harmful to your boxer and also harmful to other animals! Feces of dogs eating raw meat contain Neospora caninum! Raw food diets expose your dog & your family to lethal toxic bacterial food poisoning such as Salmonella, botulism, e-coli through exposure & handling…we feed Eukanuba/IAMS.” Nothing bad ever happens to dogs who eat Iams…

“Regarding second hand dog agencies, please note that those agencies have no knowledge of the dog they are selling you for an “adoption” price. The agencies do not have pedigree/ancestor information of the dogs or any information on the upbringing of the dogs.” Because pedigrees make everything better and reduce the occurance of “adoption”.

“does not permit the following veterinary services:
Acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, holistic treatment/medication, current American “natural diet” promoted by vets, blood tests known as “titering” to assess the pet’s antibody level.” Because we all know that chirporacters are false, and it is wrong to treat animals with human knowledge. Dogs are not humans, they are wolves!

“Absolutely NO “Honey and Sugar” veterinary treatment!” Hmm, is this code for Dog Whispering is ok?

And it continues…

“If a breeder tells you that his/her dogs have a good temperament, then you must ask for the record of working titles. Temperament can only be assessed if the dog has a working title record – not a show title record!” Everyone knows temperament hinges on titles.

“The fads of the American continent, euthanasia and humane operations reflect the lack of respect for the dog. Beware of the CAN/AM breeders who pride themselves in pet puppy mutilation contracts!” Because they are terrorists.

7 thoughts on “The World’s Most Exclusive Puppy Contract

  1. I had to dig into this to see if it was real or not. I’m shocked that this does not appear to be a hoax.

    There doesn’t seem to have been any activity from her since… 2004? Was she eaten by her unpurchased pups? Because if ever there was a candidate for being torn apart by your own dogs…….

  2. WTH???

    Beware of the Search and Destroy puppy inquiries. Protect your property! Discard the phony (sample) inquiries “humanly” with your Shredder! Since the enforcement of the anti-terrorist laws following 911, only the strategy has changed, the ultimate goal of questionable societies and “animal loving groups/individuals” to extinct and kill registered animals remains the same.

    What does 9/11 have to do with wanting a puppy???!

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