Natural Rearing

Not sure what it is? The Natural Rearing Breeders Association has all your answers.

My new favorite quote:

“They’re so Natural, they barely care for their dogs at all!”

Seriously though, I like the thought behind it, but it isn’t for every dog or group of dogs and their people, and it certainly should not be a tool for one breeder to use against another as a form of competition or marketing.

Using the principals of Natural Rearing, I switched Beebe over to raw food after her diagnosis of Atopy and Primary Immune Deiciency (low IgA levels), as part of her treatment, which also included allergy injections, mange treatment, ointments, prescription shampoos, antibiotics, and diet trials for irritable bowel. This Natural Rearing concept really appealed to me and I thought this would help treat her in addition to everything else.

We went to a Holistic Vet, and a specialist, started allergy shots and IgA drops. I cut out all grains and kibble and exclusively fed her prey model raw. She had a dramatic turn around in the first month, from a greasy, mange infested anxiety self mutilator with stress diarrhea and grain intolerance blow outs, to a plush, clean, and semi normal house pet. Both vets warned me to not vaccinate her again, outside of Rabies as required by law.

I was eventually able to switch her to Acana Fish in addition to raw and some cooked, and her immune issues have remained fairly stable ever since she began treatment for immune related hypothyroidism. I had been still doing partial raw with her, not usually more than twice a week.

Well, she is no longer tolerating a lot of the raw foods she had previously done well with. I can’t do premixes with her anymore, as she starts vomiting within a few minutes of even one or two bites. It isn’t regurgitation. I don’t think it is anyways. I mean it isn’t a simple burp and upchuck, and she eats really slowly and carefully. It is major vomiting in 5-6 places, with her shaking, drooling and heaving, and looking very uncomfortable.

I had figured this would happen over time given the nature of “food allergies”. I know switching proteins and such doesn’t really cure an allergy. She seems to do fine with poultry, rabbit, fish and things like that, but not raw meaty bones from beef, lamb or bison, and gets firehose diarrhea from raw green tripe. Anyways, we tried, but Beebe is not going to be a Natural Rearing success story.

Tell me what you think!

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