San Jo Lillith Fair, RN, learns how to flyball with the Seattle Flydogs. Farrah just graduated as a student, and is now doing solid full runs. The next month of instruction will see her learning to pass other dogs, and she will hopefully come to view this sport as more of a race, so she can also gain speed. She will make an excellent height dog.

I forsee her biggest hurdle 😉 as being too social. She loves to go visit people and gve kisses, and she really likes her handsome poodle boyfriend, Sammy. This would not be good at a tournament, but thankfully, like Beebe, the activity becomes so fun for her, that she demonstrates a remarkable amount of focus and desire to complete the task, so that should help keep any socializing at a minimum while she is running.

We also took seed times for the team so we can plan our runs for our upcomming tournament in Canada. Beebe had some remarkably good times, and her fastest was 5.89 seconds for a full run. Good job, girls!

Farrah can Flyball!

3 thoughts on “Farrah can Flyball!

  1. I love watching her fluffy tail when she goes over the hurdles, it’s like she’s floating over them. Best of luck at the tournament and can’t wait to see the results, I know she’ll do great!

  2. WooHoo!!! That is amazing to earn titles so soon after finishing training. I met Farrah today at an agility practice match. She was totally into doing the obstacle her mom told her to do. She was social, too. If I ever get a Shiba I would want her to be just like Farrah.

    • Thank you Gayle! What a nice compliment 🙂 Farrah is coming right along with the Agility, although I think she likes Flyball better. Our fun runs today were actually much better than our last trial, so I am very pleased with the progress made, even though it was far from perfect. She really managed to reign in her social butterfly tendency today. If you ever want to come help socialize her puppies, you are more than welcome 🙂

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