New Title Announcement for Ike and Farrah

Now announcing, two new Shiba Inu title holders in a performance event:

Ike and Farrah

I attended the 3 day Western Washington Dog Show cluster in Puyallup, WA. My friend Sandra and I, and four of our Shibas, Ike, Koji, Maluko and Farrah, entered into Rally all three days hoping to get all three legs in Novice and then some.

After what feels like a 3 day Herculean effort to convince 4 Shibas to work on/off lead with so many distractions, in horrible weather, Sandra and I proudly announce our Rally success, and introduce to you:

(Ike) San Jo Idol Eyes, RN, CGC
(Koji) San Jo Kumi Rock n Roll Banjo Boy, RN, CGC
(Maluko) San Jo Chaka Khan, RN, CGC
(Farrah) San Jo Lillith Fair, RN

We are very proud parents, and their breeder is thrilled. Maluko further wowed all of us with 2 amazing off leash Advanced A runs, where she earned 1st place both days after earning her Novice A title. Koji also earned two 1st places in Novice A, and Farrah earned a 3rd place in Novice B. The entries were fairly large in Novice, around 40 each day.

We also ran into a Midnight Sun Shiba named Kenai, performing an Excellent run as only a Shiba can. He is 2/3rds of the way to a VCD1 title, and is a great little worker, too.

By the third day, many exhibitors including our judge Chris Cornell, remarked they had never seen so many Shibas in Rally before. He is a very nice guy, but he puts together a mean course. Even he admired how well they worked and how well trained they were, as he awarded them with top placements and scores in the 90’s. He was also kind enough to pose for a professional photo of both of us and all four Shibas, coming to an E-News near you! We look forward to encountering more people working with their Shibas, because Shibas can be the best little workers.

4 thoughts on “New Title Announcement for Ike and Farrah

  1. What beautiful faces they have! Congratulations on the titles, you’all earned them (and I cannot imagine what sort of Herculean effort went into that, maybe one that ended with wine?) 😛

  2. I’m guessing your Chris Cornell isn’t the Soundgarden Chris Cornell 🙂

    BRAVO! You put me to shame with your amazingly accomplished dogs! I’m happy when I get one of mine to sit for longer than 15 seconds. Oy!

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