More Observations on Male-Female Differences with Shiba Inu

We were enjoying a nice warm fire last evening, with 7 (seven) of our “kids” relaxing after some good outdoor romping.

As expected, the three boys (two intact) were snuggling against each other while on the sofa, and each making moves for the closest lap.

The four girls were naturally scrounging for food. Two of them are in and just going into season. Two of them went for the same scrounged item and withmillisecondsecond, they were screaming and pulling each others metaphorical braids. Naturally, within two more milliseconds, the rest of the girls swarmed the cat fight and started taking pot shots at the loser.

The boys, gallant gentlemen that they are, ran outside, marked some territory and talked about car rides and future warm couches. When the shrieks of hatred finally quieted, the boys crept back inside, reassured their women, and made moves for the nearest sofa.

The boys were already quite tired you see, from an earlier full frontal defense and chest thumping during an attack of the doorbell by a delivery man.

I hate to make generalizations about an entire breed based on sex, but there you have it. To me the differences are obvious: the boys fight because they have to, the girls fight because they want to.

No Shibas were harmed, but the girls all wrote vicious things in their diaries that night about their sisters, while the boys made their best Dagwood impressions (on the sofa).

4 thoughts on “More Observations on Male-Female Differences with Shiba Inu

  1. This is a funny story.. But it certainly makes sense. I don’t want to make breed calls either but based on what I’ve read about female Shibas, they do seem more likely to start something than a male.

  2. A well written analysis. Doorbells do sorta “ring everyone’s chimes”. The guys are much more mellow. Nothing quite as ornery as a girl in gear…

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