Zebra on Craigslist

Am I black with white stripes or white with black stripes?

“Hi I have a Zebra that is 4yrs old, he was shipped from Africa and very tame. He gets along with the other horses and animals. I am looking for a good home for him (farm) so email me SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY if you would like to see him. Thank you. PLEASE DONT SPAM he needs a home ASAP. Small rehoming fee

Location: Enumclaw”

Hmmm, there is just a little something special about a zebra that brings a certain charm to the back yard, isn’t there? No home is complete without one. Indeed, they are so popular in Enumclaw, Washington they are ending up on Craiglsist.
Hopefully he isn’t from this place
Side note, I can hardly believe that this was not illegal in Washington until 2005.
Any takers?

5 thoughts on “Zebra on Craigslist

  1. If this zebra had these traits, it would really be in demand.

    There is a strong underground market for tractable zebras and “zebroids.”

  2. I did several ride alongs with a large animal vet, and one day we were supposed to vaccinate a couple of “pet” zebras. Four farm hands and one hour later, one zebra had gotten 2/4 shots then had escaped and had to be recaptured. I don’t think the other zebra ever got done.

    They were kept with miniature donkeys, and they all got along. They weren’t so receptive to people though. At all.

  3. There’s a B&B around here that has some zebras. I had no idea until I saw a youtube video about it.

    If they’re so nasty, why would anyone want one? I guess they look cool.

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