New Format

As you can see, I have decided to switch to WordPress. This is still a work in progress as my time online is limited due to dogs and “life events”. My links have not been imported yet, neither has my blogroll, and my pages are still in need of an update, but I will get around to it.

The reason for the switch is 1) “two naughty shibas” is too teenie bopper and gag me with a spoon, 2) blogger was starting to bug me, and 3) I want to create a more professional page as I build my breeding program.

I will be discussing my dogs more, and it may get boring, but it is for posterity that I publish their information and show photos. I also hope to put up some slightly more academic posts now that my chronic lack of sleep has been addressed. Seriously, nobody sounds smart at 3am if they haven’t gotten their rest.

4 thoughts on “New Format

  1. “teenie bopper” lol, I look back at some of my old account names and cringe. I would love for you to discuss your dogs more! It seems very few breeders blog so it’ll be a learning experience and very interesting.

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