Shiba Inus Are Horrid

To whomever had this google query which brought them to my blog:

“shiba inus are horrid”

Quite a bold cow poke aren’t you, telling google how Shibas really are and such. Why are you reading about them them? Go read about poodles, I’m sure there was never any horrid poodle in the history of the world. Put that in your book.

4 thoughts on “Shiba Inus Are Horrid

  1. LOL! If someone hit my blog with 'Afghan hounds are horrid' it wouldn't surprise me a bit. They are *frequently* horrid. Usually when your hands are full 🙂

  2. Google autocomplete search results for"Shiba inus are…"… good with cats… aggressive… smart… the bestNow I'm a little disappointed that "Shiba inus are horrid" wasn't automatically suggested.

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