Craigslist I Can’t Quit You, Revisited

Another jem from Craiglsist:

“still looking for a grat dog

i just got married and was told i cant have kids but me and my husbend has lots of love for a new puppy are dog we live in a traller with a yard we just spant lots of money to get ready for a new dog so we dont have any money left to pay for a dog but we have lots of time and love to give so plez call are text”

In regards to not having children, in this case I believe Martha would say, “It’s a good thing.”

7 thoughts on “Craigslist I Can’t Quit You, Revisited

  1. I feel like craigslist listings are like Jerry Springer shows…you can't believe that there are people out there who actually think/talk like that and you're kind of disgusted that you are actually wasting time reading the listings, but it's really addicting that you can't stop!

  2. Step away from the Craig before you become assimilated (lol)…. can only hope it is a fake listing. However, I think I found this persons twin sister counseling on fetal "cromozone" problems…. tripped across that one on another page offering loads of oh so helpful commentary for want to be parents (LMAO).

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