Craigslist, I Can’t Quit You

No wonder the Japanese think we are fucking retards:

“$ 100.00 REWARD My cats were Cat Napped and then excapted in the RentonHighlands near the Ice Skating Rink the are a 2 year old male nuitered mail short hair gray with some stripes in the gray and white his name is BOY KITTY and I love and miss him so much, He has gotten me through some hard times , The other cat is just as Loved and she is a femail 5 years and she is a Calico dark in colars her name is STORMY and she is a little lieary of people but she is also loved and missed she also has been their for me so please if you have seen my cats call me and leave a message for xxxxx Like I said the we Cat Napped and excaped throught the dryer ducted and I know they are trying to return home to me and I used to live in the Renton Highlands behind the GoodWill.., Where the excapted at was also in the Highlands by the Skating rink and the IGA that closed , Thank You”
Guess and Go spelling does NOT pay off after Kindygarden!

4 thoughts on “Craigslist, I Can’t Quit You

  1. Heh, is it sad that I know exactly where this person lives?Anyways, yeah, craigslist is horrible. I try my best to spell correctly and if I'm unsure about the proper way to spell a word, I'll look it up instead of guess.

  2. Craigslist is depressing – it's appalling how many people can't spell the breed of dog they own. Free doxand, chiwawa, or shitzu or luvin home neone?You'll appreciate this: Woman [that comes into clinic] is genuinely confused as to why her female cat is pregnant. I ask her the basic questions, "Is your cat spayed? Is she all indoors? Are there intact males near your house?" She says her cat is not spayed, indoor/outdoor, and yes, there are lots of intact males. At this point, I'm confused as to why she's confused. Finally she spouts, "I love my cat but she's so ugly! Her ear is missing a chunk, her face looks weird, etc… I just didn't think any males would be interested in her because she's not pretty." … Excuse me? Let me explain animal mating to you. /facepalm

  3. @Shelley Wow that's humanizing cats way too much!If a female cat is in heat the male cat don't care if it's a pretty cat or ugly..I don't go to craigslist anymore much it's sad. =\

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