Interview For Japanese TV

Today the Shiba Inus and their people were the stars of a pilot episode featuring Japanese things in America for a new Japanese television series out of Osaka, Japan. We spent over 2 hours shooting in several locations. Now Ike, Beebe, Farrah, Grym, Penny, Pip, Eli, Maluko and Koji, with their people Sandra, Pam and myself, are super awesome Japanese TV stars! 

They basically asked us why we chose Shiba Inus (clean, small, quiet-ish, primitive, not in your face) and how we think they represent Japanese culture (they are a National Treasure, number 1 companion pet in Japan, reserved, naturally beautiful, artless grace, discussed Kan-i, Ryosei, and Soboku and learned how to pronounce them correctly!). They asked what their names were and why we chose American names over Japanese names (the dogs were born in America afterall).

The director was also interested in where we got our dogs (insert multiple shameless plugs here), if strangers approach us looking at our dogs and what do they say (are those foxes?), and if they are becoming more popular in America (mentioned puppy mills and pet stores!!!!). For some reason, they were particularly interested in our Shiba Inu bumperstickers and wanted to know what they ment and if people commented on them.

In turn, I learned about some very interesting cultural differences via their American liason. He indicated that his apartment was considered spacious by his Japanese friends, and it was basically the size of my kitchen. Holy cow, that’s why they all nodded their heads in approval when I stated the Shiba Inus small size makes them a popular pet in Japan, and I believe it if their living quarters are that small. No wonder so many Japanese train their dogs to go on pee pads indoors in their crates.

Lastly, they were duely impressed by (frightened of) the Caucasian Ovcharka, but he was not so fond of them. I was suprised that several of the Japanese film crew asked if he was an Akita. Fail. They must not see too many Akita up close. Sadly, we were too busy to get many pictures of ourselves, however, we will be getting a DVD copy of the shoot to share with everyone, hooray!


I luvs you Koji

Koji, I win




Agility Fun with Eli

Ike, Farrah, Koji

Eli and Pam get interviewed at the park. Thanks to the asshat
who drove by us during MY interview yelling “Ha, I ruined
your interview!” I apologized on behalf of the American
people for this guys rudeness.

4 thoughts on “Interview For Japanese TV

  1. The pictures are beautiful as always. That's awesome that you'all are stars, I can't wait for you to share that DVD so that Yuki and her humans can watch it. =)

  2. This TV crew chose wisely. Really great to have such knowledgeable folks and beautiful dogs represent on the behalf of State-side shiba fans.I want to see your bumper stickers too.And I hope they hurry up with that DVD!

  3. Congrats on the interview must been so neat and glad they picked some good people that know lots on the breed. Funny they thought Grym was an akita. Wow about apartments in Japan.. Must makes my house seem like a Mansion in Natchez!I hope the DVD turned out good.

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