Calling NASA, I Have a Breeding Question

I was looking at vendor booths while at the dog show. My eye was captured by a set of snazzy little blankets and vests. The vendor began telling me how NASA designed this special heat absorbing garment to regulate temperature in space of astronauts during re-entry, etc. It can also be used to keep dogs cool and prevent them from overheating. She was trying to sell me some. I thought to myself that my dogs have their own built in space blankets and the ability to pant to cool down. Why would I need something like this with a Shiba? Seeing the puzzled look on my face, she volunteered that she had English Bulldogs, and we both went “Ah, gotcha” at the same time, as that pretty much explained everything.

Dear NASA, since when did you become concerned with breeding dogs? I think we need to let bulldogs be extinct already if it takes space technology to keep them alive. Seriously, if you’re going to invest all that time and money and research into making things stay alive that should be dead, why not make something really cool like a dinosaur? Or 100 Einsteins? We could use some more of those. Bulldog space blankets is right up their with your MAG (maximum absorbency garment) idea so astronauts and cosmonauts can wet themselves in space or while driving across the country to stalk their lovers. Toilets are sooo 20th century. Yeah that’s cool, not!

5 thoughts on “Calling NASA, I Have a Breeding Question

  1. I am not quite sure if you're being wholly sarcastic or not, but NASA doesn't actually come up with these thing for dogs. Nobody from NASA went to Congress and said, "Oh, in addition to that Mars Rover thing, we'd really like to do some coats for dogs that overheat, how much funding can we get for that?" (Although, now that I think about it, that mightn't be a bad strategy. People love dogs.) Using this material for dog blankets or shirts for hikers or whatever else is just a licensed use, they sell the material to someone else, as way to make money off the technology and return a tiny portion of the investment. I wouldn't mind having one for myself, it's been godawful here lately.

  2. A lot of everyday items are just "spin offs" of stuff invented by NASA, so it's no surprise that someone has found a dog use for one. The likelihood is is that someone saw a NASA invented item made for commercial human use and found a way for it to benefit their flat-nosed breeds. Even though I agree that Bulldogs are a breed that shouldn't exist in their current state, since they are around and not going anywhere any time soon, might as well make them as comfortable as possible.Here is a list of some items invented by NASA that's in everyday use today:

  3. Neat spin-offs.The garment itself was actually pretty cool (literally). They were sitting in the sun for several hours and inside the material, they were quite cool. I am totally aware they were desgin for people first, but I just find it a bit depressing that breeds like bulldogs need cooling equipment to that extent and that natural panting doesn't work for them. That said, I do use crate fans and ice disks on warm days at shows as the air gets a bit thick inside the shade tents at ringside. Jess, I do not envy your weather. I wish I would have retained the company name, but the vests they had were quite nice.

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