I Want a Border Collie

I am turning to the Dark Side. I want a Border Collie as my next working/performance dog. I am not giving up on training with Shibas at all, but there are these great Border Collies enrolled in my Rally and Focus classes that I am mesmiraized with. It’s been great fun watching how they learn and speaking with their owners, and seeing what great dogs they can be to work with.

Beebe, my Flyball/Agility Shiba, is not as physically sound as she needs to be in order to safely continue with Agility training, which is why I am getting back into Rally with her. Her conformation is terrible and I don’t want her to injure herself on one too many jumps, although bless her little heart, she is an enthusiastic worker.

So, I am looking for a sound dog who is built to work and wants to work…down the road of course, not right now.

4 thoughts on “I Want a Border Collie

  1. I'd really like an Australian Cattle Dog or a mix of that and BC, or maybe a BC… when I move out that is. I'd like to do something like fisbee with a dog and I can't do that with Conker due to his knees and interest only in chewing the frisbee.

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