Craiglist, the New Canine Matchmaking Service

I browse Craigslist every so often, mostly looking for dog training equipment, or chicken things. While I’m browsing, I also like to scout the Pet section for Shibas and lost dogs in my area. I follow that by searching generically for “dog”, which has become a form of self torture for me. Here is why: If the d-bags that are flipping puppies, or “looking for a femail to breed with lab/gsd mix with papers” isn’t enough to give me indigestion, surely all the 7 week old teacup designer puppies for “adoption”, adolescent pit puppies that “sadly are not allowed in the new house”, and 11 year old “we love him very much and hate to see him go but he needs more time and attention and is too jealous of the baby” dogs, are. Also, what’s with all the Hissing Cockroaches and Dumbo Rats for sale? Do people really keep these as pets? The least CL could do is mandate pictures of the skeevy owners along with their wares, just for grins, otherwise it’s like a really uncomfortable blind date (which is synonymous I realize).

5 thoughts on “Craiglist, the New Canine Matchmaking Service

  1. Well, I think the bugs and rats are food for other animals, but I agree with you on others. I've been able to help find a few pups by scanning the lost ads, but it is sickening how little people actually think of their pets. Sam

  2. Some people do keep hissing cockroaches and rats. >.<I had a neighbor in Gretna,LA she had two pet rats they were actually nice. I'd never want to own those types of pets. Some of their dog ads are just sad.

  3. Here is a good one: "a NEW owner needed for my python. Must have experience as I have not handled it recently as it very aggressive. Beware, he will bite!" WTF?! Why would you keep something like that? Well, at least he was honest about how its going to bite!

  4. In our area, we have a pretty dedicated CL flagging patrol that knocks off all those ads that do not agree with Craigslist Terms of Use of prohibited items: "Household pets of any kind including but not limited to dogs, cats, primates, cage birds, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, fish. Re-homing with small adoption fee OK; Pet animal parts, blood, or fluids – including but not limited to stud/breeding service." ( of the obvious animal sales and studding requests are flagged off within 20 minutes. Sometimes it does go a little overboard… rehoming fees that are arbitrarily decided to be too high are deemed a "resale" and get flagged off, when sometimes they are very legitimate attempts to rehome a much-loved animal.I have a lot of mixed feelings about Craigslist. But ultimately I agree, it definitely is a form of ritual self-torture for me.

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