5 thoughts on “Do Dogs Understand Sarcasm?

  1. Those pebbles sure are "purty"….If you makes you feel any better my "shibs" will not use the costco pillows either, other than to toss about or dig… (Had to chalk that purchase up to good will…i.e. greyhound rescue… No probs with use there.) The bathing beauties love the 80 degree Concrete instead….go figure.

  2. what a silly dog. buckley much prefers tile, while kit sleeps on the back of the couch and kiba sleeps on the couch and tsuki sleeps under the bed. All this while all the various "dog beds" go unused.

  3. Saya loves laying on back of the couch or on the floor she also loves to sun bath out in the grass.Happy birthday Beebe! She looks so comfy on her new bed.

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