More Home Improvement

The nosey white trash loud mouth neighbor was banging on my entry gate again and jiggling the handle to let herself in, ignoring the very upset words from my dogs. She complains, “You gotta do something about these gates. I can’t see in.” Nosey neighbor tries to scare me by citing rape, murder, fire, no one can come save me from burglars, or strangers, or people trying to hurt my dogs, etc, etc, etc. Naturally, the irony of her own words are lost on her, and she doesn’t seem to realize that she was just trying to unlawfully enter my property in broad day light while my dogs were loose in the yard. Impenetrable gates stay as they are.

To put this in perspective, these two…gentlewomen…remind me of my neighbor. Add some cigs and dentures, and voila!

Her next complaint (there was a list), involves some blackberries growing on the second lot, which is also blocking her view of my yard and she wants them gone yesterday.

Doggie Grandpa Wayne is the overseer of this new project

The worker was soon engulfed in the briar patch, but, it turns out we can start building soon. The soil drainage is good and the undeveloped lot, about 6000-7000 square feet, is enough for a second house for my parents to retire in. With any luck, at least one room of this new house will be built with the dogs in mind. The plan is to install a professional grooming tub and whelping room with a patio and secured small puppy yard off of it. That’s plenty for the nosey neighbor to spy on, so she should be happy.

5 thoughts on “More Home Improvement

  1. When I lived in Louisiana I had one nosey neighbor she was skinny decent looking, but annoying. She'd complain about every new neighbor that moved in or tell us our garden needs more work.. The black berries can stay I say those things are yummy. =)

  2. Where we live even the sheriff stops halfway up the drive and walks up with his hands exposed.Nosey neighbors don't last very long out here.(This is Jess, btw, couldn't be arsed to sign out and sign in again.)

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